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Batman is caught between the League of Shadows and Deathstroke in DC Comics' next event 'Shadow War'

The League of Shadows is taking on Deathstroke, and Batman and Robin are caught in the middle.

By Matthew Jackson
DC Comics Shadow War Alpha #1 Cover PRESS

Earlier this year, DC Comics launched Deathstroke Inc. from writer Joshua Williamson and artist Howard Porter, putting Slade Wilson on the path of hunting down super villains across the DC Universe while retaining some of his own inherent villainy along the way. Now, with Slade having proclaimed himself "King of the Super Villains," he's about to face his biggest challenge yet, and Batman and Robin will be caught in the middle.

On Thursday morning, DC announced Shadow War, an epic new crossover event series spearheaded by Williamson (whose other major DC projects lately have included the Infinite Frontier series and a just-launched run on Batman) that will run across Deathstroke Inc.Robin, and Batman, with three special Shadow War one-shots thrown in along the way to fill in the rest of the plot. 

DC Comics Shadow War Alpha #1 Cover PRESS

Before the Shadow War event proper begins with Shadow War Alpha, though, readers can get up to speed on the events that lead to the battle with Robin #12, written by Williamson with art by Roger Cruz. That issue will follow what happens as Damian Wayne, who's spent the majority of his most recent Robin run in an epic battle known as the Lazarus Tournament, returning to Gotham City as a changed young man and somehow facing off against a version of himself. Meanwhile, in the pages of Deathstroke Inc. #7, written by Williamson with art by Stephen Segovia, Deathstroke's daughter Ravager arrives to get to the bottom of what her Dad's been up to, and the cliffhanger ending of that issue will lead directly into Shadow War itself. Both issues land March 22. 

DC Comics Shadow War Robin Cover PRESS
DC Comics Shadow War Death Stroke Cover PRESS

Then on March 29, the event kicks off with Shadow War Alpha, from Williamson and artist Viktor Bogdanovic. It all begins when Deathstroke does something "unspeakable" that leads Talia al Ghul herself to put a target on his back. The League of Shadows will throw everything they've got at the legendary Terminator and try to take down Deathstroke Inc. along the way, while Batman and Robin are just doing their best to bring Slade Wilson in to face their own brand of justice. 

What happens next will spill over into April and May, as Batman #122-123, Robin #13-14, and Deathstroke Inc. #8-9 are all devoted to Shadow War action, along with Shadow War Zone and the concluding Shadow War Omega one-shots arriving in May. If you've been following what Williamson's been up to, particularly with the very fun reinvention of Slade Wilson in Deathstroke Inc. in recent months, you know this'll be a crossover event to watch. So, be on the lookout for Shadow War next spring.