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Shaken! Stirred! And is that Dr. No? SYFY WIRE spies the No Time to Die trailer


The No Time to Die trailer has been released, and now we're really wondering: is Rami Malek playing Dr. No, the title villain of the very first 007 film released in 1962?

The trailer provides support for this theory. We see James Bond (Daniel Craig in his supposedly final outing, sure sure, we'll see) spending some time in Jamaica, where much of Dr. No took place.

And then there's Malek himself, playing a character currently referred to as 'Safin.' We see him wearing black gloves ... could they be hiding MECHANICAL HANDS? And his hairstyle and formal jacket certainly recalls Joseph Wiseman's classic villain.

The trailer also gives us Jeffrey Wright returning as Felix Leiter (Leiter appeared in Dr. No, too, FYI), an appearance by a classic Bond car, and Lashana Lynch as Bond's fellow double-O agent.

And there's more, Moneypenny. Watch above or below as we bring the declassification.

No Time to Die opens April 8, 2020.