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SHAZAM! finally flies in new sneak peek

By Donnie Lederer

It looks like the charm of Aquaman is rubbing off on the rest of the DC movies.

As Aquaman is still flooding the theaters with box-office records and “wave” reviews (sorry, but not really), the movies from the DCEU continue to show us that they are moving in a different direction. On their Twitter account, SHAZAM! posted a sneak peek featuring new footage from the upcoming film.

It looks like Billy Batson has figured out the “flying thing” since we last saw him. Even though it’s only a minute of footage, this gives fans more of a balance between the super heroics of the movie and the comedy. Zachary Levi has the whole “kid in a man’s body” role down pat, especially when ordering some beer. There are probably many college freshmen using their fake I.D.s for the first time who can relate to that scene. Oh, and if you’re looking to get yourself a headquarters, it’s a smart idea to go to the real estate experts first, right?

Shazam is one of those characters who resonates with all sorts of people. He’s the one hero you can be regardless of how old you are. All you need is that magic word. If these trailers are any indication, we are going to see something magical.

SHAZAM!,  directed by David Sandberg, opens in theaters April 5.