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Twitter reacts to last night's big reveal on Batwoman, showrunner talks impact on show's future

By James Comtois
Batwoman Episode 110

You’d think that just after helping save (or consolidate?) the multiverse (or was it just Earth Prime?) from obliteration, things would slow down for Kate Kane, aka Batwoman. But no. Just off the heels of Crisis on Infinite Earths, Kane just changed the world of superheroes forever in Batwoman.

**Spoilers for the latest episode of Batwoman, "How Queer Everything is Today!"**

So, up until now, Gotham City was aware that Kane was out as a lesbian. But in the 10th episode of the CW series, “How Queer Everything Is Today!”, her superhero alter ego also came out, and even participated in a cover interview for Catco Magazine (written by none other than Kara Danvers). This makes Batwoman not just the first series with an openly gay superhero playing the title role, but it’s now also the first TV series in which the superhero has come out publicly. 

Twitter, of course, had some thoughts. 

Batwoman showrunner Caroline Dries, who wrote Sunday's episode, discussed with The Hollywood Reporter how Batwoman’s coming out will impact the show. 

“Eventually Kate is going to realize that she is as comfortable and out of the closet as Kate and then she puts on the suit and hides a huge part of who she is, when she can actually be doing good if she were truthful about who Batwoman is underneath the suit,” Dries told the media outlet. “She’s going to come out and there are going to be consequences. The thing that any sort of storyteller wants is a situation where a character makes a decision and there are consequences, because that means more story and more drama. Just from a story point of view, it’s a great idea, and then from just a unique point of view, it’s like great, let’s be the first show that does that.”

One major way the events of last night’s episode will affect the story is a logistical one: It narrows down the list of people who could be behind the mask. “Obviously, it reveals a huge piece of her ‘identity,’" she said. “Now, it’s basically saying we just narrowed down the population quite a bit [regarding the masked hero's identity].”

Another way this will impact the series going forward is that, now that Batwoman is out, how will this change her relationship with the Gotham City Police Department, both publicly and privately? 

“Vesper Fairchild says it in the voiceover, ‘What happened to politics staying out of our superheroes?’ What will ultimately happen is that the GCPD, who is in charge of the Bat Light, becomes a little conflicted about what statement they are making now when they put the light,” Dries added.

The Batwoman showrunner also hinted that we could “possibly” see the show take on LGBT-focused issues “in the future.” But for now, “what we will come to find out, she has bigger fish to fry just in a personal sense that will monopolize her time for the most part. But I think that definitely will be part of her story.”

Batwoman, which has been renewed for a second season, airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.