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SYFY WIRE How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon Moments We Can't Wait to See in Live Action

What moments from the animated franchise do we want to see, literally, come to life?

By Tara Bennett
Jay Baruchel talks How to Train Your Dragon 3

Come 2025, the How to Train Your Dragon franchise will be soaring from the world of pixels into the real world with the first live-action adaptation of the mythology. Already slated to release on March 14, 2025, writer/director Dean DeBlois, who wrote and directed How to Train Your Dragon, How to Train Your Dragon 2, and How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (all of which are streaming now on Peacock), will return to write/direct and produce this new approach to the world, with the help of producer Marc Platt (Wicked). 

DeBlois and company have been secretive about any specifics regarding the story, but in case it turns out to be a literal adaptation of the first animated film, SYFY WIRE already has a wish list of scenes we'd love to see translated into live-action moments. 

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Man vs. Dragon

It's the first time Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) and Toothless, the Night Fury dragon, meet. Tied up in the human's clever trap, the Night Fury is both hurt and livid. It's the moment Hiccup could become a hero in Berk, but he follows his compassion and frees the creature instead. It's a moment of bonding that happens all in their eyes and sets up the relationship to come. A pivotal moment that sets up the entire series, this one is necessary in establishing their bond, regardless of medium. 

A New Tail

A thrilling emotional and cinematic scene, Hiccup is able to attach his handmade prosthetic on Toothless, which restores the dragon's freedom and mobility. In a breathtaking sequence, the two embark on their first awkward flight together which is equal parts terrifying and comedic. 

Learning to Fly

Once Toothless and Hiccup get a hold on their steering, the two practice with his newly installed equipment. The two soar amongst the clouds and above the ocean in a sequence that makes us feel like we're sitting just over Hiccup's shoulder experiencing the wind and the sights right with them. Imagine how real environments would make this scene even more immersive and stomach-dropping on a huge IMAX screen. 

Astrid's Wild Ride

Astrid (America Ferrera) learns quickly that Toothless has a bro-bond with Hiccup that he's not interested in expanding...initially. When she discovers Hiccup's secret, he tries to sway her with a ride. Only Toothless is more interested in testing her worthiness than making nice. Getting to experience Astrid's wild first flight is another opportunity to get that "in the wind" feeling and open up the story to new allies of the dragons. 

Father and Son

Another linchpin emotional relationship in the first film is between Hiccup and his fight-forward father, Stoick (Gerard Butler). The rugged and judgmental leader of Berk has always been embarrassed by his less than perfect son. But in the pivotal fight against the Red Death Dragon, Stoick comes to see the unique gifts of his son when he's saved by him and Toothless. If that relationship makes it to the live-action movie, sticking the moment where Stoick says "I'm proud to call you son" is going to be a tissues-required sequence we can't wait to blubber over...again.

Dragons, Dragons, Everywhere

Getting to see the dragons make nice with the humans of Berk is the payoff moment that not only gives us a look at all the different kinds of dragon species, but also expands the universe monumentally. Whatever technique DeBlois chooses to bring these dragons to life is going to really get tested in this sequence, as we'll see many live-action actors and "dragons" crossover into one another's space. 

In the mood for some serious dragon training fun while we wait to see how DeBlois and company handle the live action treatment? The How to Train Your Dragon films are currently streaming on Peacock, alongside four seasons of Dragons: The Nine Realms.