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SYFY WIRE Fear the Walking Dead

Skidmark is the new Fear the Walking Dead mascot

By Alyse Wax

In This Episode...

Strand sends Charlie into Daniel's compound. The plan is she will hide out until he leaves, then open the gates and they will get the plane out of there. The plan gets complicated when Daniel leaves in the car Charlie happens to be hiding in. Strand, Sarah, and Wendell break in, only to discover the instrument panel in the plane is missing. They call Daniel on the radio, who laughs - he knew they would break in. He also knows that Charlie is hiding in his car. He isn't going to hurt her; instead, he takes her on his mission to disarm booby traps in local shops. On the way, they bond over music. 


At their first stop, Daniel discovers the shop is too inundated by the dead to easily get in there. Charlie advises him on how to handle the store - she has done this before - but as they are trying to break in through the back, one of the zombies catches on the booby trap, sets the gun off, breaks the large front window, sending the zombies pouring out onto the street.

After spending time with Charlie, Daniel seems to soften his stance towards Strand. He and Charlie get back in the car and lead the herd back to the warehouse. The plan is to get them back there, where the gates will hold them back while they pick them off easily. That plan goes straight to hell when Sarah tells him they broke down his gates in order to get the plane out.

New plan: Daniel leaves Charlie to drive back to the warehouse with the instrument panel, and get her friends out of there. He will lead the herd somewhere safe. She goes back to the warehouse, but the group decides to save Daniel. They do, but ruin the plane in the process. Daniel admits he wasn't mad at Strand for shooting him; he was mad at him for lying about Ofelia, which meant Daniel lost out on what little time he could have had with her. Daniel seems to have made peace with Strand by the end, and he lets Strand and his friends have the warehouse while he goes off on a little mystery chore.


Meanwhile, after reaching out to his siblings on the radio, Dylan hears trouble and he admits to Alicia, Morgan, and Lucy that they were the ones who were tying up the zombies, and he needs their help to save Max and Annie. They head out to find Max and Annie, find themselves surrounded by an armed group of mostly children, talk them into lowering their weapons, and see a helicopter fly away. Annie tells them the people with weapons came in on that helicopter, and must be leaving with what they came here for.

I am a little bit confused by the kids. Are they good, bad, or just confused? Who is this pack of child soldiers that they seem to be leading? Why are they making bowel blockades? Is it to protect themselves, or to demarcate where the helicopter people have their camp?


Booby Traps

Apparently Daniel "inherited" the warehouse he is living in from the former owner. For some reason, the owner also set booby traps in a dozen or so stores that he owned around the city. He is going around setting off the booby traps so he can clear out the stores of anything useful because he doesn't see the point in letting all this stuff sit on a shelf. I am curious as to who this mysterious warehouse owner is, and why the hell he would booby trap his stores. Did he think that society was going to go back to normal? We are a good six or seven years into the zombie apocalypse at this point. At some point you have to accept the situation.

Propeller Massacre

As soon as you saw the airplane propellers, you knew what was coming. But that doesn't ruin the sheer delight that comes from watching dozens of zombies walk directly into a spinning propeller. Walking into the propellers causes the zombies to explode , sending blood and goo in every direction. Luckily the engine doesn't get gunked up until after all the zombies are dead.


Skidmark is the name of Daniel's pet cat. Daniel uses Skidmark to distract zombies while disengaging the booby traps. You might think this is cruel, but Skidmark is a smart cat, who can easily outrun the slow, rambling zombies. The only thing that would have made Skidmark cooler was if he was a dog.