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SNES vs. Sega Genesis: Let's settle the score!


Gaming Month is almost over at SYFY WIRE, but some battles will never truly end! To close out June, we're gonna try to settle the score in one of the all-time video game console wars: Nintendo's SNES vs Sega Genesis! First, we're gonna have a brief history lesson. Nintendo's NES ruled the late '80s until Sega unveiled the Genesis in 1989 ... and for two years, the Genesis was the coolest console around. Then, in 1991, the Super Nintendo arrived in North America and the real battle began.

Today, we end it!

Join SYFY WIRE's Jackie Jennings as she moderates the debate between Team Genesis, Erin Locascio and Dany Roth, as they face Team SNES, Jon Erwin and Juan Cadavid. Each round of the debate has been split into different topics. Which system had the best graphics and the best exclusives? Peripherals matter, and that's also a hotly contested point between the two consoles. Then there's the cool factor, as Sega Genesis had a sleek black design and a marketing campaign for the ages: "Genesis does what Nintendon't." But what the SNES lacked in that department it made up for with a few enhancements of its own.

Naturally, the Sonic vs. Super Mario debate came up here as well, as you can't have an argument about the Genesis and the SNES without touching upon their respective mascots. And the true test of any system is the depth of their gaming library: Sega notably took more risks with its IP, but it's hard to counter the classics from Nintendo's lineup.

To find out which console team was declared the winner, check out the entire video!