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Fantasy novella ‘Sorcerers’ set for AMC series: Check out the book's psychedelic artwork

By Jeff Spry
Sorcerers Hero

SYFY WIRE has confirmed AMC is acquiring the adaptation rights to Sorcerers — a new illustrated novella released Aug. 4, crafted by co-writers Maurice Broaddus (Knights of Breton CourtBuffalo Soldier) and Otis Whitaker, and showcasing fantastic illustrations by internationally known creator Jim Mahfood (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) — and we have an exclusive peek into the artwork adorning this project with comments by its acclaimed artist.

Sorcerers is a wild, psychedelic urban fantasy revolving around a 30-year-old Harlem man named Malik Hutchens, who realizes his destiny and transforms into a hip hop-inspired sorcerer.

On his deathbed, Malik's grandfather, Pop-Pop, tells Malik that he's a true sorcerer, and that he must rise up and take his place as wielder and guardian of an ancient magic passed down through countless generations. Malik is tossed headfirst into a quest that winds through the mysteries beneath the streets of Harlem, to the deep South, and destinations farther beyond — places that he’s only visited in dreams.

sorcerers cover

This newly released digital novella is the debut release from NeoText, a fresh digital publishing company committed to short-form prose spanning various genres, from science fiction and noir novellas to investigative journalism and narrative nonfiction. Each NeoText release will be accompanied by special covers and spot illustrations delivered by a wealth of comic book artists and illustrators.

NeoText execs John Schoenfelder, Russell Ackerman, and Jay Schuminsky will act as executive producers on AMC's in-development Sorcerers series, with Nick Mennuti and Eric Raab serving as co-executive producers.

Check out these four exclusive art pages from Sorcerers courtesy of award-winning artist Mahfood, alongside his revealing thoughts on their style, composition, and design!

Sorcerer 2

"A little family time for a hungover Malik. I'm a huge fan of breakfast food so I was very happy being able to draw some waffles here. Notice the cat on the floor and there's also a little drawing of the same cat on the bulletin board on the wall. Mailk's cousin is a serious and successful nerd." 

Sorcerer 3

"Getty and his dangerous bodyguards. This was a super fun one to draw, really exaggerated and crazy. These guys can walk through the streets and get away with anything. Getty's color is purple to represent royalty." 

Sorcerer 1

"Poor Pop-Pop! A scary and psychedelic ambulance ride. Pop-Pop begins his journey into the afterlife. I love drawing skulls." 

Sorcerer 4

"This is our big, dramatic team shot. Real fun. The ancient sorcerers of the past possess the power to open time portals. I bought all this amazing zip-a-tone shading film in Japan last year and used it on the portal circles. A super fresh effect." 

NeoText's Sorcerers is available digitally today, Aug. 4.