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SYFY WIRE Solar Opposites

9 spacey cartoons to fill the void now that you've binged Solar Opposites

By Alyse Wax

Solar Opposites, which debuted on Hulu this last weekend, is the newest animated series from Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland. The series follows the lives of a pseudo-family of aliens who crash-land after their utopian planet explodes and family units are sent to uninhabited planets across the galaxy to terraform new homes. Unfortunately, our heroes landed on the over-inhabited planet Earth.

Korvo and Yumulack — the "father" and "son" of this family unit — think humans are stupid and generally hate capitalism; Yumulack even has a wall filled with shrunken humans he keeps like hamsters. Terry and Jesse — the other "father" and the "daughter" — are enjoying their time on Earth and find humans fascinating; plus, they really enjoy junk food and Jesse feeds Yumulack's human pets a steady diet of Halloween candy.

If you’ve binged the entire season over the weekend (because goodness knows, you have the time right now) and are looking for more animated aliens to enjoy, check out these nine other wacky, spacey cartoons. We've got aliens of all shapes and sizes and colors on this list, and shows for all ages.

Rick and Morty

Co-created by Solar Opposites co-creator Justin Roiland, Rick and Morty follows the truly bizarre adventures of Morty, a below-average teenager, and his grandpa Rick, the smartest man in this or any other dimension.

Using interdimensional travel (which Rick invented, by the way), the pair goes on wacky adventures through time and space. They get trapped on a Purge planet. They explore interdimensional cable channels. Morty becomes a father to an alien. The pair encounter a planet taken over by a hive mind. They even discover a planet where everything is on a cob — strawberries, rocks, mountains, you name it, it's on a cob.

Dark, twisted, and funny, if Solar Opposites is your jam, you'll love the OG.

Stream on Hulu and


The grand dame of space cartoons, Futurama follows Fry, a loser pizza delivery boy, who, on the eve of the year 2000, accidentally gets trapped in a cryogenic freezer and wakes up 1,000 years later... where he ends up a delivery boy for an interplanetary delivery company. Fry and his new friends face encounters with aliens, explore a theme park on the moon, and plan a heist at a Mars casino, just to name a few highlights.

Stream on Hulu.

American Dad

American Dad is generally thought of as a cartoon about an ultra-conservative CIA agent and his family, but they often forget that a major character is Roger, a pansexual alien who loves to dress up in costumes. Every once in a while, the show actually goes into space, like when Roger sends Jeff, an idiot stoner, into space so he doesn’t have to leave the planet. While in space, Jeff is held captive on an enormous space ship modeled after a shopping mall, and he becomes best friends with comedian Sinbad.

Stream on Hulu and YouTube TV.

Invader Zim

This beautiful, underrated Nickelodeon cartoon — all colored in shades of purple, green, and gray — is about a race of space aliens whose leaders rule based on who is tallest. Zim, a short but determined alien who is something of a joke among the leaders, is sent to the farthest edges of the universe on a secret "assignment" in order to be kept far away from their latest operation.

Zim is told this "assignment" is a super-secret mission and is sent with GIR, a robotic helper made of leftover parts. He ends up on Earth, where he goes undercover at an elementary school. A conspiracy-driven student becomes his nemesis. A feature-length film was recently released on Netflix.

Stream on Hulu.

Star Wars Rebels

There are several Star Wars cartoons to choose from: Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, and Star Wars Resistance.

Star Wars Rebels, though, is set over a decade after the prequels and answers a lot of questions you might have about what happens in the time between the prequels and the original trilogy. The eponymous Rebels have a freighter ship and work in secret to fight the Imperial Order. 

Rebels also has space whales, if the "Star Wars" part wasn't enough to sell you in the first place.

Stream on Disney+.

Final Space

What started as a YouTube cartoon called Gary Space eventually became Final Space, airing on both TBS and Adult Swim. It follows Gary, an astronaut serving a sentence on a prison spacecraft and who befriends a small, planet-devouring alien he names Mooncake.

He and Mooncake join forces to save the universe, and uncover the mystery of “final space.”

Stream on YouTube TV and

Archer: 1999

When you think of Archer, you probably think “dashing, egomaniacal secret agent.” However, the last few seasons have moved to more of an anthology style, taking place in Archer’s comatose dreams: 1940s Los Angeles noir; 1930s jungle adventurers; and most recently, space.

Archer: 1999 sees the entire team as the crew of a space salvage ship, and they have a variety of space adventure, including gladiator fights for an alien species, and grappling with space pirates.

Stream on Hulu.

The Jetsons

A pure classic, The Jetsons follows an average family of the future in their day-to-day lives. There is the pratfalling father, George, wife Jane, teenager Judy, and youngest child Elro, as well as Rosie their robot maid and Astro, their dog.

Originally produced in the 1960s as a companion piece to The Flintstones, The Jetsons was later rebooted in the 1980s as a Saturday morning cartoon. For some reason, people of the '60s seemed to think everything would be in the sky, for there is no earth anywhere in the series.

Stream on Boomerang and Amazon Prime.

Space Ghost

Space Ghost is almost exactly what you hope it is: a superhero who fights villains in space.

These include Brak, an alien space pirate, Sisto, his brother, Zorak, a giant praying mantis creature, and Metallus, a big metal beast with an indecipherable voice.

In addition to the original Space GhostSpace Ghost Coast to Coast, a spin-off that was an early part of the Adult Swim lineup, is a satire of late-night talk shows, with an eclectic selection of live-action guests including Bobcat Goldthwait, The Ramones, Danny Bonaduce, Carol Channing, Dave Grohl, and Emeril Lagasse.

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