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SYFY WIRE Space Force

Space Force action figures suit up Commanders Trump and Obama for liftoff

By Adam Pockross
United States Space Force Action Figures

Admit it, the first time you heard the term “Space Force,” you were hoping for some action figures. Well, now, thanks to a recently funded Kickstarter for United States Space Force Action Figures, that dream can become a reality. But the creators still need your help to “win the space race.”

Of course for a while there, we thought the actual Space Force, which creates a new military branch to serve and protect (and probably plunder) the cosmos, was nothing more than a pipe dream when President Trump first floated the idea back in 2018. But now that the branch has got an official (and Star Trek-ian) logo, the dream hasn’t faded one bit.

So why not Space Force figures? And while we’re dreaming, why not make them 4-inch figures of both Trump and Barack Obama as space commanders, with over 14 points of articulation, multiple accessories, and three interchangeable heads (a Space Force head for both figures, the Ghost of Ronald Reagan's head for Trump, and Uncle Sam's for Obama)?

Well, for one thing, toy companies are probably not too interested in making toys of a political bent, which is where Kickstarter comes into play. “We are not a large toy manufacturer like Hasbro or Mattel, but we feel this allows us to be creative and a bit tongue-in-cheek with our projects,” boasts the Kickstarter from AMAZO and D13 Toys.

Indeed, with satirical joy, these toys (actually, the ones pictured are still prototypes) set aside politics to instead envision political union and cause for common action to be taken in the face of a new, old threat: the Russians! Yikes, that's Vladimir Putin leading the Russian Space Agency, which also includes, for starters, a Space Agency Trooper and Grigori Rasputin, suited up and ready for space action.

In the face of such a threat, the United States Space Force Action Figures imagine a world where President Trump sheds his earthly suit and becomes Space Force: Red Commander Trump, a far-fitter version of the current Oval Office occupier, who launches himself to space to confront the Russian threat, and puts politics aside to hire an apparent co-commander: Space Force: Blue Commander Barack Obama.

Far out.

Though things were touch-and-go for a minute there, now it appears this dream won’t fizzle anytime soon, as the United States Space Force Action Figures Kickstarter surpassed its all-or-nothing goal of $40,000, with hours to spare. Perhaps the world is looking for a political truce after all?

Because dreams die hard, now that they've reached their funding goal to create the three teams (Space Force: Red, Space Force: Blue, and the Russian Space Agency), USSFA can get to work on also offering packs of interchangeable heads, in a variety of options.

There’s the Mount Rushmore pack, which lets you suit up George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. Or the Spirit of Freedom Head Pack, which serves up the heads of Rosie the Riveter, the Statue of Liberty, and the American Eagle. Or you can pick other packs with Coco the Space Monkey, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Zombie Dale, General Flag, and more!   

To the Moon and beyond!

(via Yahoo)