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SYFY WIRE Space Force

Space Force reveals official uniform design - and they look kinda familiar to Star Trek, BSG fans

By Josh Weiss

Welcome to Earth! Hot off the news of its rank insignia reveal Monday, the United States Space Force stirred up even more Star Trek comparisons with the reveal of its official uniform design that will be worn by the men and women who boldly join the sixth branch of America's Armed Forces as Guardians (of the galaxy Solar System).

The outfit looks a lot like something out of the science fiction genre thanks to an unfussy, streamlined aesthetic we so often associate with depictions of the future in popular culture. Space Force? More like Starfleet! 

"Every winning team needs a uniform!" tweeted General Jay Raymond, Chief of Space Operations for Space Force. "We started with the female design and then created the male prototype. I’m excited to share the new look with you today."

Would you like to know more? Take a look below:

Never one to stay quiet for long, Twitter started drawing parallels between the new attire and pieces of media centered around space-faring civilizations (Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica being the big two, of course).

User Peter W. Singer described it as "a blend of the Star Trek Enterprise dress uniform, but with the Mirror Universe diagonal." Josh Weinstein, a veteran writer for The Simpsons and Futurama, jokingly equated the uniform with the ridiculously tight outfits worn by Zapp Brannigan and his fellow crew members on the latter series.

Elsewhere, Patrick Curley asserted that "Babylon 5 had better Space Force dress uniforms," while Movies in Focus hopped on the satirical bandwagon with the image of an Imperial Star Destroyer officer from the original Star Wars trology. "These new Space Force uniforms are looking great," jokes the caption.

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