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Space out on Si Spurrier and Chris Wildgoose's trippy sci-fi series, Alienated #1

By Jeff Spry
Alienated Hero

Bringing to mind Dustin's young pet demogorgon named D'Artagnan (aka Dart) from Stranger Things and seeing it evolve in various stages to become a frightening predator, albeit one who still loves Three Musketeers bars, a new fantasy sci-fi series courtesy of Boom! Studios titled Alienated was just released this week to great fanfare and enthusiastic reviews.

Part of all the positivity is the incredible creative team of award-winning writer Simon Spurrier (Coda, John Constantine: Hellblazer) and acclaimed artist Chris Wildgoose (Batgirl, Batman: Nightwalker), who have composed a riveting coming-of-age story about being blessed with the uncanny power to change the world but devoid of the maturity to honestly wield it — and SYFY WIRE is presenting a special expanded look at the premiere issue.

Alienated 1

The carefully crafted plotline follows three outcast teenagers named Samuel, Samantha, and Samir, who accidentally stumble across an extraterrestrial entity as it's being born into this world. Together they begin to share a psychic bond over this weird secret and the odd creature's extranormal abilities.

Witnessing some truly unsettling characteristics, it quickly becomes clear to the gang that their adorable little pet is an evolving alien apex predator and it's getting really hungry! Determined to make smart choices considering the weird circumstances, the conflicted teens' decisions become corrupted by emerging desires, petty jealousies, and Tangletree's small-town annoyances, which send them into a deadly downward spiral of their own doing.

Spurrier explains that Alienated began as an idle conjecture: What if Elliott in E.T. hadn't been quite such a great kid?

"What if something unearthly -- something impossibly powerful and genuinely alien -- were discovered not by the usual Hollywood fare -- a well-adjusted youngster with a solid moral center -- but by a real teenager?," he tells SYFY WIRE.

"In other words: an angry, confused, complicated youth with big ideas and bigger ambitions, and no sense of what to do with either ... and then what if there were three of them? That's Alienated. The story of three outsiders who find something extraterrestrial -- something alive -- on their way to school one day. And have to decide what to do with it. It's a riot of telepathically entangled minds, ravening superpredators, bullies getting their comeuppance, and the slow but certain creep of total power corrupting totally."

Alienated Slice 2

"This seething cauldron of psychedelic mindscapes, alien attacks, and teenage snark could have descended into chaos or farce in the hands of a lesser artist," Spurrier adds. "But I've been itching to work with Christian Wildgoose since I first saw his amazing work in Porcelain, and oh my god he does not disappoint. His characters live and breath. His aliens are alien (which is a far less common sci-fi trait than you'd think). Alienated is a tale of beautiful mess and messy beauty, rendered in Chris's clean dynamic lines and Andre May's colors. Together the capture the bucolic beigeness of small-town America, cut through with acidic sci-fi weirdness. It's a heady combination."

Alienated Slice 3

Now peer into the paranormal pages of Boom! Studios' Alienated #1 in the full gallery below before you're absorbed into the collective psyche of this troubled teen trio.