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Spider-Man and Deadpool team-up rumors quashed by Kevin Feige

By Jacob Oller
Spider-Man/Deadpool #50

With the Fox stable of superheroes back in the hands of Marvel and the MCU, the upcoming stable of films coming down the pike post-Endgame have seemingly endless potential for new and exciting crossovers. One famous team-up from the comics, however, will apparently not be happening anytime in the near future.

Fan favorite Deadpool is a frequent visitor to his superhero peers’ comics, including the equally-quippy Spider-Man. A two-year run of the characters just ended earlier this year, leaving fans to wonder if they may join up somewhere else in pop culture. But rumors of the Ryan Reynolds character showing up anywhere near Tom Holland's Peter Parker seem to be false, according to Marvel head Kevin Feige.

Speaking to, Feige explained that while all of the newly-acquired mutants and the Fantastic Four are in contention for future films, this star-crossed crossover simply isn’t meant to be.

"No, I mean we're certainly having conversations about the future of all of those Fox properties," Feige said when asked about Deadpool’s appearance in a Disney+ series or upcoming Spidey film. "How to weave them in and when to weave them in. That one, in particular, is not the case."

So how will Deadpool be introduced into the greater MCU, if not with his humorous web-slinging buddy? Pete’s probably not going to be dropping any F-bombs soon, so keeping the superheroes separate for now makes sense, at least from a ratings perspective. The R-rated merc-with-a-mouth will stay that way... we just don’t know how he’ll be related to the rest of the Avengers-adjacent characters.

How do you want to see Deadpool introduced into Marvel’s main universe? Let us know in the comments!