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SYFY WIRE Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Spider-Man: Miles Morales reviews call web-slinging PS5 spin-off a fresh take on a great game

By Jacob Oller
Spider-Man Miles Morales PS5

Dropping alongside reviews of the console for which it is a launch title, Spider-Man: Miles Morales reviews are out for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 follow-up to the smash hit Spidey game — and it looks to be the perfect pasttime for fans wanting more from the hero of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Not a full sequel to the hit PS4 game, Miles Morales might take place just a few months after the plot of the original, but looks to be a bit of a web-slinging spin-off that's short, sweet, and stylistically fresh compared to its Peter Parker cousin. That's got its perks but also its drawbacks - it's hard giving gamers just a bit of a cool new thing. But let's listen to the critics in their own words:

Here's the rundown:

At The AV Club, its reviewer notes that the new iteration is "more of the same of a genuinely good game," though it still feels more like "an expansion pack." That wanting nature also bleeds into its content, which falls into "some regrettable half measures and questionable choices" that aren't as bold or awesome as the Spidey story it takes most from, which is Into the Spider-Verse. But hey, fans still get to play as Miles!

That's something Polygon really clicked with in its review, which founds lots of joy in the protagonist's characterization. "In this chaotic year, I found inspiration in Miles’ ability to rise above challenges, to meet the face of catastrophe, to look darkness in the eyes," writes critic Tauriq Moosa. Praising the intimacy found in "this scaled-down version of an open-world game," Moosa also highlighted the "incredible visual spectacle" and fun side missions that help build a relationship between Miles and his neighborhood.

The Verge feels similarly in its review, with critic Andrew Webster writing that the refreshed yet familiar elements work "and it’s all thanks to a new lead." Comparing the spin-off game to the much-loved Uncharted spin-off Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Webster explains that "with the same basic framework, Miles Morales still manages to feel fresh and interesting." The graphics are nice, the load times are minimal, and the controls are still tight - but being Miles is a vast difference over being Peter, and that's a good thing...even if the game "has a few too many electricity-related puzzles."

The Hollywood Reporter seconds the comparison to the Uncharted side game, finding Miles Morales' ten hours of playtime not only fun, but "profound and moving." Critic Richard Newby writes that "what the game lacks in terms of subplots, it makes up for in its thematic focus and in the character moments" - all of which "help make Miles feel like his own Spider-Man, rather than just Peter Parker in an alt-costume." That's an important distinction, especially since the various Spidey comics and movies all have unique tones of their own. 

IGN calls the game "fantastic" with "distinctive moves and enemies" that's an "excellent way to break in your new PlayStation 5." Graphic perfection, a fun new story, and a specific focus in its world make the game a distinct entry into the franchise - and one that their reviewer calls "a worthy followup to one of the best superhero games ever made."

Spider-Man: Miles Morales drops on the same day as the PS5 on Nov. 12.