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SYFY WIRE Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Spider-Man: Miles Morales teases space-age Spidey suit, revives Daily Bugle as news source

By Benjamin Bullard
Spider Man Miles Morales in action on the PlayStation 5

Miles Morales is swinging closer and closer to his target date with PlayStation destiny, and Insomniac Games is beginning to open the floodgates of new Spider-Man: Miles Morales intel from a slow trickle to more of a day-by-day flood.

In addition to showing off a slew of new Spidey suits — including one that makes Miles look like some kind of motorcycle-ridin’, Daft Punk-listenin’ arachnid astronaut — there’s now a series of daily updates thanks to (what else?) a Daily Bugle web mini-comic. Each installment of breaking news in  the newly-christened Daily Bugle Now shares a new slice of the upcoming game’s backstory, along with even more fresh new images to get your Spidey senses tingling.

But first, those new images. As part of its cover story on Miles Morales this month, Game Informer got its hands on a batch of never-before-seen looks at some of the gear Miles will be slinging along with his new venom powers. Check out your friendly neighborhood hero looking almost Blade Runner futuristic in the aforementioned astro-suit, plus more new glimpses from the game. Miles even gets a new Spider-Cat companion for his PS5 debut, and this little fella looks right at home in the Spider-Verse as a masked feline who joins the combat with a purrfectly-timed finishing move.

With less than a month left until Spider-Man: Miles Morales launches with the new PS5, Insomniac is blasting out daily social media dispatches via the newly-revived Daily Bugle Now comic to open up more of the game’s lore. Not only does the newspaper-style series give Peter Parker’s new partner in crime-fighting his own neighborhood mystique, it also shows off another hoodie-equipped Miles suit inspired by Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Thanks to our intrepid Bugle reporter, we also get fresh info about the new baddies on the block. The Underground, “a wily gang assumed to have disbanded” since that other Spider-Man brought down some of the New York crime world’s biggest names a year ago, has now “gone so far as to brazenly claim they’re more powerful than the city’s most notorious crime boss, Kingpin.” We’ve already seen its members in action in Sony’s previous tease of Spider-Man’s big bridge battle with the group. But thanks to the Bugle, we get more of the backstory on the Underground’s evil interest in Roxxon Energy’s mysterious Nuform invention — a material “that promises zero byproducts and could power parts of New York City for Centuries.”

The main byproduct we’re getting from all this fresh Spider-hype is that the game itself can’t come soon enough. Spider-Man: Miles Morales web-slings into the next generation of gaming as a PlayStation exclusive when it launches alongside the new PlayStation 5 console (with a PS4 version debuting the same day as well) on Nov. 12.