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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine cast talks about What We Left Behind documentary


Twenty years ago, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine wrapped up its seven-season run on television. However, the cast and crew of DS9 left an indelible mark on the franchise. It broke new ground with its serialized storylines and featured an incredible group of talented and diverse performers.

Earlier this year, a feature-length documentary, What We Left Behind, reunited the team behind the series as well as the cast for an intimate look back at the show. SYFY WIRE recently had the chance to speak with a few of the cast and the producers of the documentary ... which, according to former DS9 showrunner and What We Left Behind co-director Ira Steven Behr, was never expected to be a multi-year commitment.

"'What's it going to be about?' I said that when [co-director David Zappone] asked me," said Behr. "He looked at me, smiled and said 'we'll find it as we go along.' And I thought, 'this guy makes docs, he knows exactly what he's talking about.' Little did I know that what he was really saying was that 'you'll find it when the time is right.' It took three years, maybe more, before I realized I had an idea for what this was gonna be about."

Behr also reunited the writers for a day to come up with a story for what would have happened in Season 8, but he shot down the prospect of turning it into a comic or a graphic novel.

Additionally, we spoke with Cirroc Lofton, Penny Johnson Jerald, and Aron Eisenberg about their shared bond. Lofton and Jerald also spoke poignantly about realizing the true impact of the series only after the age of social media. But to hear those thoughts, you'll have to watch the full video!