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Why Star Trek's Seven of Nine should have her own 'Mandalorian'-style TV show

Seven  is one of Star Trek's best and most dynamic characters. Here's why she deserves her own show. 

By Vanessa Armstrong
Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Picard

We first met Jeri Ryan’s Seven of Nine 25 years ago on Star Trek: Voyager. Since then, the former Borg drone has evolved significantly over the years, which is unsurprising given that she started out firmly on Team "Resistance Is Futile" before severing her connection with the Borg and appearing side-by-side with two of Trek's most iconic Captains: Janeway and Picard. Seven's transition to embrace more of her human qualities largely happened off screen in the lead up of her reappearance in the first season of Star Trek: Picard, where she’s become much more comfortable with her humanity but not completely without her Borg-like tendencies. 

On Picard, we also find out that Seven has become part of a quasi-anarchistic organization called the Fenris Rangers, a decentralized group that aims to help the poor and the weak, especially those under the thumb of the ruthlessly rich and powerful. We don’t know everything that will happen to Seven in this season of Picard, but we do know that the character's popular resurgence is worthy of her own spinoff show on Paramount+. Assuming that she and the rest of her crew get back to their proper timeline unscathed by the end of Season 2, there’s ample opportunity for Seven to get her own series about her adventures as a Fenris Ranger. Heck, this show could still happen even if Seven doesn’t survive the second season of Picard (though we hope she does!), as this series could take place before the events of Picard Season 1.

If you need more convincing, here are four more reasons why Seven should have her own Mandalorian-style show focused on her Fenris Ranger exploits. 

1. She is a badass 

Star Trek: Picard 105 Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine PRESS

When it come to being in a fight, there’s no one you’d rather have at your back than Seven. She’s adept with phasers as well as hand-to-hand combat, and she can manoeuver a ship in even the most harrowing of circumstances. Her own show could highlight her capabilities on this front, as well as her scientific and technological acumen. Seven can solve anything! (Hopefully!)

2. Her dark past is rich with emotional backstory 

Star Trek: Picard 108 Seven of Nine PRESS

Seven has been through a lot, and in Picard, we also learned that her de facto son was brutally murdered for his Borg parts, something that Seven sought vengeance for. She was also Borg for a good chunk of her life, which comes with its own special sort of trauma. This darkness, one could say moral complexity of Seven’s would be great to explore in a Seven-focused show. 

3. She isn’t afraid to do the “bad” thing for good reasons

Seven Star Trek Picard YT

Seven will always do what she thinks is right, even if it means murdering, in cold blood, the person responsible for her surrogate son’s death. It’s a credo that appears to be shared by the Fenris Rangers, and is a theme that would be interesting to explore over the course of a season or series. 

4. The Neutral Zone is not unlike the Wild, Wild West

Star Trek: Picard 105 Seven of Nine PRESS

In the 25th Century, the Neutral Zone between Federation space and the former Romulan Empire is in a state of upheaval after the fall of the Empire's reign in this tense region of space. It’s still an area where there's no organization formally in charge, however, which leads to Seven and other Fenris Rangers getting into a lot of precarious situations with the ruthless who are not bound to any formal laws or regulations. 

Watching Seven pilot a ship and lead a crew through the Final Frontier's version of the Wild West's unlawful frontier would give the franchise and fans something it has never really seen before; a grounded and gritty, character-first adventure series where anti-heroes are the only thing standing between us and the real bad guys of the galaxy. 

Even without her version of The Child at her side, Seven seemingly has been shaped in recent years to fill a Mandalorian-size mold in Star Trek. So we wouldn't complain if she was given a Mandalorian-style show to boldly go where no Trek character has gone before. (With lots of phaser battles along the way.)