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SYFY WIRE Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Omega’s identity is revealed amid Kaminoan division on Star Wars: The Bad Batch

By Brian Silliman
Star Wars Bad Batch Omega and Cad Bane

Who is Omega? If she is a clone, who is she a clone of? This is the mystery at the center of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, with no viewer ignoring the name of the character. If there is an “Omega” then one tends to wonder who the “Alpha” is. 

In Episode 9 of the series, we found out. We also found out that Kamino is not the rainy-day fun palace we’d always thought it was. OK, we never thought that, but it is full of division and scheming, just like... everywhere else. A Star Wars prequel character goes down this week because of it. Now the rains weep o'er her halls... with not a clone to hear. 

***WARNING: There will be spoilers ahead for Episode 9 of Star Wars: The Bad Batch. If you haven’t watched yet, get outta here Dewey! It’s the logical next step for you but you don’t want this.***

The returned Cad Bane (Corey Burton) and Todo 360 (Seth Green) have their hands full with Omega (Michelle Ang) the moment she wakes up in the episode titled “Bounty Lost.” That title alone clues us in that our little scrapper isn’t going to remain in Bane’s clutches for long. 

Who sent Bane? Lama Su (Bob Bergen), Prime Minister of Kamino. He’s working on a “contingency” in response to the Empire’s consideration of using conscripted troopers instead of clones, and he tells Nala Se (Gwendoline Yeo) that once Omega's back, she should collect what is needed and then snuff her. 

Surprise, Lama Su sucks. He always has. He sends Taun We (Rena Owen) to an abandoned Kaminoan facility on Boro Vio to collect Omega, and Nala Se is shocked (shocked!) to find out that there is gambling in this establishment! 

The Batch (all members played by Dee Bradley Baker) are obviously looking for their adopted daughter, and Echo is able to identify Cad "Hat Guy" Bane easily. Tech conveniently chooses this moment to let everyone know that he’s examined Omega’s DNA more closely, and the results are interesting. 

“I further analyzed Omega’s genetic profile and discovered she has pure, first-generation DNA,” he says, before adding, “All clones were created from a host named Jango Fett. While our genetic structure was modified for growth and acceleration and obedience, Omega is a pure genetic replication.” 

How many other clones like that are there? Only one, a male clone Tech says was code-named “Alpha.” That name didn’t stick though, and that clone now goes by the name of — you guessed it — Boba. 

Why is Omega so important to the Kaminoans? She’s the sole living source of the Fett genetic material, a resource that's dwindling. They don’t know where Boba himself is, so Omega is their key. Boba, we can officially (and canonically) say, is the Alpha to Omega. 

To the astonishment of no one whatsoever, this is why bounty hunters keep showing up for her. Lama Su sent Bane, but things get complicated on Boro Vio. When Bane goes to collect his payment, he only sees the dead body of Taun We. 

The first Kaminoan that we ever met (back in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones) is dead, and who was veeeery happy to arrange it? The returning Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen), who was on the Omega hunt earlier in the season. She and Bane know each other, and though Bane says she’s not a match for him, she proves she is. Our blue boy is getting old. 

Star Wars Bad Batch Fennec and Omega

When Omega asks Fennec why she killed Taun We, Fennec tells her: “You should thank me. What the Prime Minister has planned for you is far worse than why I’m here.” Between this and a look at some old cloning vats, Omega definitely wants nothing more to do with Kamino. 

What she wants is to be back with her dads, and thanks to her own pluck, she’s back with them by the end of the episode and there are hugs all around. She’s shaken though, and says, “I don’t want to end up an experiment in a tube.”

Not on their watch! They tell her that she is special, but this only makes her think bounty hunters are going to keep coming. 

She’s right about that, but they won’t all be working for the same people... or even the same Kaminoans. Fennec wasn't working for Lama Su, she was working for Nala Se. When she comms her at episode’s end, Nala Se says, “As long as she’s not in the hands of Lama Su, she is safe.” 

There's trouble in rainy paradise. Did Nala Se send Fennec the first time, or is this a whole new bargain? Who knows, this deal is getting worse all the time. What is important is that the Kaminoans are divided, hiring bounty hunters to go and chase down their problems for them while they sit in their big glowing ladles. 

After her actions in the opening arc of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 6 (being complicit in silencing the conspiracy that Fives uncovers), we weren’t prepped to ever be fans of Nala Se. We're not yet ready to go and carve her name in a tree with a heart around it, but she looks like Florence Nightingale next to Lama Su. 

There was always something slithery going on with the Kaminoans, and Lama Su has shown what he really is. He’s a war profiteer (we knew this), but now we know he’s also an (attempted) child murderer. 

If Wrecker wanted to wrap his hands around that long neck and pull Lama Su’s little head right off we’d be fine with it. So much of the galactic tragedy that is going on right now would not have been possible without the Kaminoan. Palpatine must have had very good manners and a really big pocketbook. 

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