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Star Wars' rocket-firing, ultra-rare Boba Fett figure listed for record-breaking $225,000

By Jacob Oller
Boba Fett prototype

Star Wars fans will be getting to see Boba Fett in action one more time if casting information about The Mandalorian's second season is true, as the live-action Disney+ series (which boasts a hero wearing the same armor as the infamous jetpacked bounty hunter) recently cast prequel star Temuera Morrison (AKA Jango Fett) as the classic character. But those with a little cash to throw around could get their hands on another kind of Boba Fett — one that's so rare that every time it comes up for sale, it ends up breaking a record.

Star Wars merch — from film props to the vast amount of branded toys and other accoutrement that helped make the franchise so inescapable — has always been lucrative, and nostalgia has only made it more impressive from a financial perspective. The highest price ever paid for a Star Wars toy was set by a particular Boba Fett figure back in November, with the legendary rocket-firing prototype from Kenner (that debuted at the New York Toy Fair in 1979 but was pulled pre-market for shooting a little projectile perfect for kids to choke on) selling for an astounding $185,850. That's only a little less than Darth Vader's original helmet was going for.

Now, another one of these ultra-rare prototypes — described as "the holy grail for collectors" by Steve Sansweet, of Star Wars toy mecca Rancho Obi-Wan — and it's going for even more. Zach Tann, a toy collector brokering the sale for a Dubai man that owns the figure, has listed the Boba Fett prototype on eBay for $225,000.

“This is the kind of piece that transcends collecting,” Tann told ABC. “Every time it sells it breaks another record, because they just don’t come very often.”

A quarter of a million dollars for a bounty hunter sounds like the asking price to retrieve a particularly tough target, like Baby Yoda, not the cost of one unpainted 3.75 inch figure. But Fett is (perhaps improbably) one of the most popular and lasting characters in the franchise, despite having few cinematic lines and little screen time, and nostalgia is one of Star Wars' most valuable currencies. Throw in the scarcity that makes for any good collectible, and fans have the perfect storm for this record-breaking toy sale — if someone's willing to put up the cash.