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'Star Wars': Damon Lindelof's mystery project set after 'Skywalker Saga,' first details revealed

We've got more details about the Star Wars movie Damon Lindelof is working on, including that it will be co-written by The Strain writer Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy. 

By Vanessa Armstrong

We’ve got more news about the Star Wars movie reportedly in the works with Watchmen’s Damon Lindelof on board as one of the writers and Ms. Marvel’s Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy confirmed to direct. 

Unnamed sources to The Hollywood Reporter have shed some more light on the Star Wars film, specifically that Justin Britt-Gibson (The Strain, Counterpart) is co-writing the script with Lindelof. 

According to THR, however, Britt-Gibson has only joined the project after a secret Star Wars writers room convened in the wake of Star Wars Celebration this July to come up with the basic story for the movie. The folks reportedly involved in that two-week writers room are impressive —  in addition to Lindelof, Station Eleven showrunner Patrick Somerville was also there along with Rayna McClendon (a consulting producer on Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi and writer on the new Willow series), and Andy Greenwald (creator of Briarpatch). Dave Filoni, who is currently working on the live-action Ahsoka series starring Rosario Dawson, may have been involved as well, though THR couldn't confirm. 

We also have some additional details on what this new Star Wars film will supposedly be about. According to THR, the project is set to be a standalone film but will have the potential for a sequel or two if it does well. The story is also supposed to take place in the Star Wars timeline after the events of 2019’s Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, although it is not a continuation of the Skywalker saga (though it could, however, include characters from the most recent Star Wars trilogy). 

These details are admittedly vague and somewhat contradictory (it’s hard, for example, to see how a movie that comes after the events of the Skywalker Saga and contains characters from the Skywalker Saga isn’t in some way, a continuation of that Saga). But given the talent behind the project, the chances are good the story that comes out of it will be well worth watching, even for those who aren’t diehard Star Wars fans. 

Sadly, we won’t be able to see this movie for quite some time, as the earliest date Lucasfilm has set for a Star Wars movie is December 2025. That’s assuming, of course, that it makes it to the production phase, something that Patty Jenkins’ Star Wars film, Rogue Squadron, has yet to do

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