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WIRE Buzz: Star Wars' Jedi: Fallen Order lands prequel comic; Ultraman S2; more

By Jacob Oller
Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Today’s WIRE Buzz tackles horror, sci-fi, and whatever Ultraman is besides “awesome.” Whether it’s one of the biggest franchises getting a new addition to its canon while a smaller property gets off the ground, today’s roundup has something for everyone.

But first, let’s talk Star Wars. The franchise’s upcoming video game Jedi: Fallen Order has already been getting fans riled thanks to its stellar trailers and promise of new heroes and villains in a galaxy far, far away. Now, fans will get to know what leads up to the game’s plot, thanks to Marvel.

According to Variety, a five-issue prequel comic miniseries will set up the game. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order — Dark Temple, from writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Paolo Villanelli, won’t be focused on the game’s mysterious hero ex-Padawan Cal Kestis, but rather one of the ragtag allies he bumps into along the way. Debra Wilson’s Cere Junda, a Jedi in the game, will only be a Padawan under Jedi Master Eno Cordova in the comic.

The pair head off to Ontotho to help excavate a temple, only to become embroiled in a conflict between mining security forces and locals. Fans can already see a cover below.

Check it out:

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order — Dark Temple #1 comes out in September, a month before the game hits shelves on Nov. 15.

Next up is the cult favorite Ultraman. The rebooted Netflix anime is heading to a second season. The streaming service tweeted out the news along with an explosive video on Tuesday.

Take a look:

We are so ready to armor up again, Netflix. Please tell us a release date. Until we know for sure, fans will just have to watch the first season again...or head back and watch the original from the ‘60s.

Finally, in smaller-scale news, Amblin has bought itself a horror short. According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Blue Door (directed by Paul Taylor and written by Megan Pugh and Ben Clark) was picked up by the production company in order to be turned into a feature - with all the creatives fulfilling their same roles.

The BAFTA-nominated short, which fans can see below, is about a nurse, an elderly woman, and a really freaky door:

Perfect for the big screen, right? And yes, that’s Gemma Whelan from Game of Thrones. With plenty of secretive supernatural mythology at its heart, The Blue Door could kick off a horror franchise if it’s a hit — and that’s what every company wants from its low-budget original genre films. No word on when production will begin or if Whelan will return.