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Here are the 11 coolest 'Star Wars' planets we'd love to visit

Your vacation in the galaxy far, far away is loaded with opportunity. 

By Brian Silliman

There is no shortage of fantastic locales in the Star Wars galaxy. Some of the planets in that galaxy far, far away appear, at first glance, to consist of only one overall feature (desert, ice, forest, etc), but many of them have proven to have much more going on below the surface. 

Some of these planets host multiple forms of life, some are vergences in the force, and some… well, some are just cool. Your tour of our picks for the 11 coolest planets in Star Wars starts here, and no, it does not include Mustafar. Come on, be the first one to see ‘em all! 

Honorary mention goes to: Nevarro, Elphrona, Lothal, Christophsis, Felucia, and Exegol. 

11. Cato Neimoidia

Cato Neimoidia Star Wars PRESS

Seen briefly in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, the home planet of the slippery and selfish Neimoidians is seen in a little more detail in Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Our main draw to this planet are its giant bridge structures that look like they have entire cities set upon them. These things stretch over very long distances; there’s some fascinating architectural work going on. The palaces of the Neimoidians, though over the top, are also glorious. 

The downside would be having to be in the same place where Senator Amidala was once poisoned, and where Jedi Master Plo Koon was murdered. The bridge-city things still make it cool. 

10. Jedha

Jedha Star Wars PRESS

It may look like just another desert planet in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but Jedha has significant links to the past embedded within its sandy surface. Fallen Jedi statues pock the landscape, and there’s enough kyber crystal around to get the Empire’s interest. 

The Force is very strong here, likely because the planet is a vergence in the Force. This is why force-users and force-believers alike make pilgrimages, even after many of the main city’s temples have been razed. 

This planet’s powerful connection to the force makes it a must-see. It is full of storytelling potential, and some recent Marvel comics have taken advantage of that. 

9. Batuu

Batuu Star Wars PRESS

We may be a bit biased here, because this is the only planet in all of Star Wars that (some of us) have actually visited. This planet is the home of Black Spire Outpost (also known as Galaxy’s Edge), and it can conveniently be visited via Florida or Anaheim, CA. For a price. 

The outpost has a long history, as do many of its most famous residents. Dok Ondar, Oga, and Vi Moradi all claim the sanctuary as their home. Wayward Jedi can build their own lightsabers at Savi’s secret workshop. The Resistance itself maintains a base here, but so does the First Order. 

It’s a hot bed of intergalactic trade as well as drama, and the legendary Millennium Falcon is often docked here. Visitors can buy meat that has been roasted over a pod engine, so there’s that too. May the spires keep you! 

8. Dagobah

Dagobah Star Wars PRESS

Mudhole? Slimy? Master Yoda’s home this is!

It really is just a big swamp that is loaded with unsavory creatures. Yoda himself would likely not be home, but when it comes to reasons why this planet is cool, there is another. 

The cave seen in The Empire Strike Back would be a fascinating (albeit scary) place to explore. Why is that cave there, and why is the planet so infused with the Force? Yoda himself finds out, thanks to the spirit of Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Dagobah is not quite a vergence in the force, but it is very strong with it. 

If Yoda is gone, then we’d want to comb through his empty house. If he’s home? We’d try to soak up all of the wisdom that we could. It may be a simple swamp planet on the surface, but it is an iconic location.

7. Nar Shaddaa

Star Wars (2015-2019) #8 Comic Cover CX

The “Smugger’s Moon” has (so far) only been featured in games, books, and comics. We can’t wait to visit it in either animation or live-action. Din Djarin should seriously make a stop here in The Mandalorian

Full of scum, villainy, and more, you can find anything and everything here. It’s a paradise for those with a sketchy disposition, and adventures of all sorts can be found. Any comic that features this location bursts off of the page. 

It’s metropolitan, but it ranges from being nicely built up to being a run down hole. We’d bet that you can find any species in Star Wars here, as well as some of its more famous bounty hunters. If you’re looking for trouble, fun, or both, then this is the planet for you. 

6. Ahch-To

Ahch-To PRESS Star Wars PRESS

The island where Luke Skywalker went into exile would suffice, an island that is almost as ancient as the Jedi Order. 

Luke's island is as beautiful as it is isolated. It’s also full of adorable Porgs, as well as fish-nun caretakers. Depending on when you’re there, it may have a tree that is/was home to ancient Jedi texts. 

Like Dagobah, there’s also a “reveals who you truly are” test location. The cave under the water (where Rey ventures in Star Wars: The Last Jedi) contains what may be a mirror made of kyber. What secrets would it show us? We want to know. 

The good news is that this location can be visited in real life, though not in the sense that it, too, is a Disney amusement park. Skellig Michael in Ireland was the host location for the mythic Ahch-To, and though tours are hard to arrange, they are possible. You won’t see Porgs, but you will see puffins. 

5. Kashyyyk

Star Wars Kasyyyk PRESS

We almost put the Forest Moon of Endor in this spot because of the giant Ewok village, but if we’re talking about fun treehouses, then Kashyyyk has those fuzzballs beat. The home of the Wookiees, seen in Revenge of the Sith, is the forest planet of our dreams. 

Gamers got to explore even more of the planet when playing Jedi: Fallen Order. Assuming they don’t fall down a hole every six seconds, players get help from a giant bird and assist with a Wookiee resistance. The trees are massive, the structures of the Wookiees are immense, and best of all? If we went there, we’d get to meet a Wookiee. We might get to hug a Wookiee. 

4. Mortis

Mortis Star Wars PRESS

This is more of a realm that floats within a weird structure in space, but we’re counting it. Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka spend three episodes here in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and the result was three episodes that were unlike anything else in Star Wars canon. 

This place isn’t just a vergence in the Force, it may actually be made out of the Force itself. Seasons constantly change, the balance of the Force decides how the realm will look, and visions come fast and furious. You never know what is going to happen to you here, or what the consequences will be when you leave. 

Even the wisest Jedi around are puzzled by the reports of what this realm is. It’s a Force-addled drug trip, and it’s one of the most bonkers locations in the canon. Baffling, beautiful, dangerous, and cool. 

3. Naboo

Naboo Star Wars PRESS

We had to include a green paradise, and though we love Maz Kanata’s Castle, we had to give Naboo the edge over Takodana. Here, you have the glorious architecture of Theed, the rolling green hills, gorgeous pastures, and weird wildlife to ride on for no reason. Anakin Skywalker would say that the planet is cool for that last part. 

Under the waters of Naboo, there’s a whole other civilization going on. The Gungan Cities are wet and wild, and if you’re feeling adventurous, there’s the planet core. 

Thanks to The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones, this planet was a popular staple in the Prequels. 

2. Coruscant

Coruscant Star Wars PRESS

The whole planet is one big city! And while we have cities in the real world, there isn't a planet-sized one. We’d want to see everything here: the tallest buildings far above the clouds, and then all the way down below the surface to level 1313. 

What are you in the mood for? A night at Galaxies Opera House, or a trudge to a Blade Runner-like bar on one of the lower levels? If we’re talking prequel era, the plaza of the Senate building would be nice to tour. 

There’s one location above all that makes us truly love this planet, though, and that’s the Jedi Temple. Hopefully we’d be going before Emperor Palpatine turned it into his personal home. Even after he did this, there are secrets hidden within that he never discovered. One of the great joys of the prequel trilogy was getting to see this planet for the first time. It did not disappoint. 

1. Tatooine

Star Wars Tatooine

Star Wars does not have a Tatooine problem. It has a Tatooine gift.

We don’t know any planet in the saga as well as we know this dustball rock, and we're better off for that. From 1977 onward, the deserts of Tatooine have been integral to Star Wars. The Force always finds a way here, and the resident Skywalker family is proof. It is also home to more than a few notorious hives of scum and villainy. 

Iconic location countdown: Chalmun’s Cantina in Mos Eisley, Jabba’s Palace, the Pod Race arena/track, and the Lars Homestead. Iconic denizens: Hutts, Jawas, and Tusken Raiders. Creatures? Banthas, Dewbacks, Krayt Dragons, at least one Sarlacc, and more. 

Sure, The Book of Boba Fett took place here exclusively for its first four episodes, but why is that a bad thing? Thanks to that series, we know much more about the Tusken Raiders than we ever though possible. Thanks to The Mandalorian, we know what a Krayt Dragon looks like. What exactly is the problem here? Why would you want to learn less about such a classic Star Wars planet? Why would you not want to have a lizard jump into your nose before walking off into the dunes having visions of water and trees?

Do we want to visit? We’d be a little worried about the heat (as well as our safety), but hell yeah. When you think of Star Wars, you likely think of lightsabers, X-Wings, and Darth Vader’s helmet. Right alongside those things you probably conjure the image of twin suns over a desert. The image isn’t just iconic for Star Wars, it’s iconic for cinema in general.

For us, that makes Tatooine the coolest planet in the galaxy. 

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