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SYFY WIRE Star Wars: Resistance

Star Wars: Resistance is back for a second season with 'Into the Unknown'

By Swapna Krishna & Preeti Chhibber

It's been a long wait, but Star Wars: Resistance is finally back for its second, and sadly its final, season. We've barely gotten a chance to get to know Kaz, Neeku, Yeager, Torra, Tam, and the others, but now we begin the process of wrapping up their stories.

In "Into the Unknown," the first episode of the second season, the Colossus is traveling through space on its way to the Resistance base at D'Qar. Tam is aboard a First Order ship and has joined in the hunt for her friends.

Warning: This recap will contain spoilers for the Season 2 premiere of Star Wars Resistance.

Swapna: IT'S BACK!!!!!


Swapna: I'm very sad it's the final season of the show because I feel like we were finally starting to dig deep and really get to know the characters at the end of the first season.

Preeti: Yeah, and I feel like we assumed that it would follow the structure of the previous shows where the story takes its time to settle and pull us in. It will be interesting to see how they handle what I'm guessing will be an accelerated version of growing that depth of exposition.

Swapna: Agreed. And I feel like that started right off the bat with this first episode. Despite it seeming like not a lot happened in "Into the Unknown," this was a jam-packed episode with a good amount of character and plot development.

Preeti: Yup. And wonderfully spooky to boot. So it kicks off with the First Order and Phasma threatening execution to this season's villains. They need to find Kaz and the rest of the crew or else.

Swapna: Can I stop to say that once again, the animation blew me away? We've talked endlessly about just how good the visuals are in this show, but with so much time away, it hit me again. Those opening scenes with the birds and the wreckage were just stunning.

Preeti: As usual, in complete agreement. We said it last season, but it bears repeating: every iteration of a Star Wars cartoon brings something new to the game in terms of animation. I missed that elasticity! But okay, let's talk about Tam since we do start with the Order. I'm so sad!


Swapna: Last season I was upset with the direction of Tam's character, but now I actually think it's a really good twist. Twist of the KNIFE I mean, because it is so, so sad! I understand her motivations, but I also am like, "Come ON Tam, you know these people. Why are you so quick to assume your friends, the people you know, are the ones in the wrong here?"

Preeti: It's frustrating to watch — there was a split second where I thought we might get her as a double-agent when Kaz reached out. I hope they give us more of her back story so we can see the source of why she's so angry because right now I don't understand. She's seen some of the destruction of the First Order, so why is she so quick to trust them over her friends?

Swapna: Yeah, I do see it in Tam's personality a bit, though. She doesn't forgive easily, especially with how much she's covered for Kaz without realizing who he was working for, and I think she feels like it's a personal betrayal. And I will say, this does fall a little into the trope of not including people in your secret (in other words, Kaz not telling Tam he was working with the Resistance) because you're trying to "protect" them, even though it puts them in danger, which I know is a thing we both hate. I can see why Tam is angry, but it doesn't justify her own betrayal.

Preeti: Yeah, it's that justification that I need to see! I understand the motivation behind everyone else's decisions, but Tam is eluding me. I also want to mention a) how very Star Trek that reveal of the command deck was to me? And b) I like that we're seeing someone talk about the impact of war to Kaz and the rest. Captain Doza is much better as an active character than as someone who is just trying to protect the status quo.

Swapna: I loved seeing Captain Doza choose a side and in command. And I really appreciated that he trusted Kaz and Torra to fix the Colossus — he doesn't underestimate them because of their age. That's a rare thing, and it's appreciated.


Preeti: Something that Star Wars has always done really well (for the most part) is not turn this into a "these people are TOO YOUNG to help" situation. It's like Cassian said in Rogue One: he'd been aiding the Rebels since he was six. There's a recognition in the canon that at some point, everyone has to help because that's the nature of war. And we see it happen so frequently in the cartoons, that feel ostensibly for children, but so many of the characters are young. I love that we see their agency.

OK! Let's talk about Kaz, Neeku, and Torra and the horror story in the basement.

Swapna: This was a fun plot for the episode! It felt very ominous, which I appreciated, given that it's the time of year for spooky and creepy.

Preeti: Yeah, it felt like a great October episode and the First Order droid almost getting that message out was the most terrifying part. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time dying for Kaz and Torra to get that droid out of there!

Swapna: This was a strong season opener, and it set the stage for a great second season. I can't wait to see what happens next!

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