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SYFY WIRE Star Wars: Resistance

Star Wars: Resistance is keeping the tensions high

By Preeti Chhibber & Swapna Krishna
Star Wars Resistance 2x13 3

It's 2020 and we are back with two new episodes of Star Wars: Resistance to recap. First, Kaz and the team must escape the clutches of the First Order in the follow-up to "The Missing Agent," then tensions finally come to a head between Doza and the Pirates on the Colossus in "Mutiny"!

Warning: This recap will contain spoilers for Season 2, Episodes 13 and 14 of Star Wars Resistance.

Preeti: Two great episodes in a row, but let's start with "Breakout"!

Swapna: I agree, these were both really fun, interesting, and tense episodes. We started "Breakout" with Yeager, CB, and Synara in First Order custody, and Kaz and Norath have to find a way to save them. Meanwhile, Doza is staying put but isn't sure how long he can keep the Colossus out of the First Order's detection. The episode really kept up a great pace.

Preeti: Tense is definitely the word! The narrative balances Kaz's decisions with showing us the bounty hunter keeping pace with him and Norath every step of the way, so we know he's going to get caught, it's just a matter of when. We also finally get to see Yeager having to engage directly with Agent Tierny and discuss Tam and her actions. I have to admit, I was expecting Tam to show up, but that would have made the episode too tight.

Star Wars Resistance 2x13 1

Swapna: Yes, I agree! It's becoming clearer to me that the writers are saving Tam's "redemption" (if that's even the right word) for an end-of-season/series arc. Which I get, but it is also a little disappointing because I'd love the chance to actually see Tam work with the Resistance.

Preeti: Hopefully we'll see at least a little bit of Tam working with her found family, rather than ending the series on the crux of that relationship. That said, I loved Tierny and Yeager's interaction — it was so wonderfully Star Wars in its First Order Officer vs Resistance Operative-ness.

Swapna: That was a great scene, as was Kaz trying to make up his rescue plan as he went along. It was really funny and gratifying to see Kaz — a makeshift spy — be more level headed and panic less than the actual Resistance operative, Norath!

Preeti: Our sweet boy has grown so much! To the extent that he was mad about a Stormtrooper gun being on stun instead of kill-mode when he shot the gold leader trooper.

Swapna: The disappointment in Kaz's voice made me laugh out loud!

Preeti: Really though, wishes for murder-capable weapons aside, this was another example of Kaz stepping up and becoming a leader. He took the surprises in stride — like when the bounty hunter is hiding in their shuttle (granted Synara had to actually kick the guy back because she is the resident badass), it didn't break Kaz's concentration on figuring out what to do next.

Star Wars Resistance 2x13 2

Swapna: Let's also talk about CB-23, the hero of the episode! I was so worried that "Breakout" would spell an end for our favorite little ball droid (at least, in the cartoon universe), especially after those terrible shocks and cracking her memory. But CB prevailed, and even saved the day!

Preeti: CB-23 for Chancellor! The lil' droid was so great, it made me actually want a CB-centric episode which is never what I want from my Star Wars cartoons. When they took out Agent Tierny?? Iconic.

Swapna: Can we talk about "Mutiny"? Because the second I saw the title of the episode, I said to myself, "PREETI PREDICTED THIS!"

Preeti: OK RIGHT! We've been discussing the potential mutiny for weeks, and I am so, so glad that they didn't save it for a multi-arc episode or for a finale. I knew it was coming, but I also knew it didn't need to be wildly important in the scope of the story, so I loved how they handled it.

Swapna: We mentioned this in a recent recap, but I absolutely adored how Neeku got to be the hero of the episode. He really came through!

Star Wars Resistance 2x14 3

Preeti: They use the character really well, especially in conjunction with someone like Kaz. I appreciated the meta-commentary at the end of the episode, with Neeku pointing out Kaz's "strengths" of supposed clumsiness and ineptitude as masks in his spy-work, haha.

Swapna: In "Breakout," I was surprised that Synara didn't correct anyone when they called her a Resistance operative, and that was confirmed by her decision at the end of "Mutiny" — she's staying on the platform, while the pirates are allowed to leave.

Preeti: She's become an integral part of the family on the Colossus. It's great because we have multiple examples of what it means to be strong women within the Resistance — Synara is just one version of how someone can help the fight against the First Order. She uses her skills as a former-pirate and her perspective on justice to inform her actions.

Swapna: So true. And I like that the Colossus has a defense force now — I hope they won't need the battle droids to fight a ground assault from the First Order, but it's nice that they have the resources. And the pirates were the ones who paid for them, so they didn't even cost anything!

Preeti: It's a great deal for Doza! I'm glad you brought up the droids — this is now the second time we've seen battle droids in the two post-Clone Wars animated series. I recently rewatched the Rebels episode where Ezra, Kanan, and Rex have to engage with droids who were never shut down after the Clone Wars, and I love seeing how the galaxy has to contend with these things that were built for a single purpose.

Star Wars Resistance 2x14 1

Swapna: So true. Sometimes the original and prequel trilogies feel a little as if they're set in different universes because the aesthetics are so different. It's nice that these TV shows can link them and help us see the bigger and further-off consequences of each.

Preeti: That's been our running hope for Resistance, seeing how it fits into the bigger picture, and I think we're going to get more of that as we lead up to the series finale. There are a ton of dangling threads that do seem to tie-in, and I'm looking forward to seeing how they weave them in! Especially now that we're living in the post-The Rise of Skywalker world, and we know the ending.

Swapna: Yes! For example, we've been waiting for the Colossus to make contact with and join up with the Resistance. It finally happened at the end of "Breakout," but Kaz chose to stay with the platform — and it looks as though Doza thinks staying far away from the Resistance is the best way to keep its people safe.

Preeti: Which feels at odds with Kaz's original mission from Poe Dameron. One of the questions that Agent Tierny asks Yeager is how they're contacting General Organa and the Resistance at large — we actually haven't seen much of that contact at all this season (I'm still wondering when Kaz is going to learn more about the fate of his family) and they're going to have to pull that in before the series finale. Or at least, I hope they will.

Swapna: I'm becoming more confident we're going to see more of the Resistance before the end of the season, given the pace and subjects of the last three episodes. The show seems to be ramping up, and I'm so excited to see how the rest of the season goes.