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Star Wars: The High Republic author reveals 'galaxy-wide disaster' that kicks off the literary era

By Jacob Oller
Star Wars: The High Republic

Once known as Project Luminous, the Star Wars publishing initiative taking the franchise's literary universe back two centuries before Anakin Skywalker ever sat down in a podracer has been dubbed Star Wars: The High Republic and looks to explore the peak of the Jedi's power. But, of course, everything being great and peaceful isn't exactly the best setting for conflict-driven novels, comics, and YA books. So, even though the giant crossover initiative has been delayed by the coronavirus, the author of its first book has explained what's instigating this look back in Star Wars history.

Charles Soule's book, Star Wars: The High Republic - Light of the Jedi (available to preorder now from Del Rey), will kick off the series with a bang. Literally, the inciting incident for the new era, "the moment that changes The High Republic forever," in Solue's words, is an explosive disaster on the scale of The Last Jedi's Holdo Maneuver. Remember that hyperspace destruction?

"The destruction of the Legacy Run is the catalyst for a galaxy-wide disaster," Soule told IGN. "Fragments of the destroyed cargo vessel begin flying out of hyperspace at super-accelerated speeds, meaning that deadly missiles of debris can appear anywhere at any time, from the Outer Rim to the Core. In this moment of crisis, the Republic turns to the guardians of peace and justice — the Jedi."

No wonder the story's universe can be so wide-ranging — this event literally spans and impacts the universe at large. "The opening beats of Light of the Jedi depict an epic disaster, and a heroic, thrilling response by both the Republic and the Jedi to save lives and end the crisis," Soule explained. "It's just the beginning, though. The Legacy Run disaster kicks off a much larger story; it really is just one piece of a much bigger saga." Those Star Wars folks do love a saga.

Readers can find an excerpt from the first chapter, depicting this deadly disaster from the inside, over at EW.

Star Wars: The High Republic - Light of the Jedi starts off a new era in Star Wars history on Jan. 5, 2021.