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SYFY WIRE Steven Universe

Steven Universe debuts movie trailer and new song at San Diego Comic-Con

By Lisa Granshaw
Steven Universe The Movie art

Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe took over Ballroom 20 at San Diego Comic-Con Saturday, delighting fans with some big reveals for the upcoming Steven Universe: The Movie premiering Sept. 2.

The biggest reveal was the release of the first full movie trailer where attendees received a glimpse of what Steven and the rest of the group are up to two years after the recent finale and the new trouble they'll face.


The trailer received an enthusiastic response from the audience, as did the panel, featuring series creator Rebecca Sugar, Estelle (Garnet), Michaela Dietz (Amethyst), Deedee Magno Hall (Pearl), and moderator Shelby Rabara (Peridot), could share about this new adventure. Sugar said creating a movie musical like this has been a lifelong dream of hers.

“There were some episodes of the show that were actually secret practice for making this movie. ‘Mr. Greg’ was a chance to see if we could create a full musical episode and we managed to get seven songs in 11 minutes,” Sugar said.

Everyone on the panel tried their best to avoid spoilers, but all shared their excitement for people to see the film. Magno Hall is excited for a story so much longer than 11 minutes while Dietz said given the amount of emotions they usually fit in 11 minutes, she’s looking forward to everyone seeing what they’ve done with more time.

The trailer wasn’t the only new content from the movie the panel shared. A brand new song from the film “True Kinda Love” was also announced and then performed by Estelle and Sugar. The two spoke about how they had the chance to work together to write the song and it was a wonderful experience to work closely on it. Fans can download the single for it right now and the full move soundtrack will be available Sept. 3.

Music is a big part of Steven Universe so of course that wasn’t the only performance. Earlier in the panel, Sugar also performed “Love Like You.” Before discussing the movie, everyone chimed in on the ending to the last season as well answering some Twitter questions such as a big one fans have been wondering about: Did Pearl ever belong to White Diamond? Sugar said no, but that White Diamond’s involved in the creation of Pearls in general which is all she can say at the moment.

Audience Q&A followed the panel discussion and when asked if we'll see any new fusions in the movie, Sugar said we'll just have to wait and watch to receive the answer! The panel then concluded with one more reveal, a sneak peek at an upcoming documentary that will go behind-the-scenes of the making of the movie and will be on the DVD release of the film.

Fans will have to wait to learn more until Steven Universe: The Movie premieres on Cartoon Network Sept. 2.

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