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Stranger Things 3 fan theories – legit or bulls***?


Now that the barrage of Game of Thrones fan theories has finally gone beyond the Wall, some wild Stranger Things theories are spawning in the Upside-Down.

SYFY WIRE's Max Tedaldi (wearing an Eggo waffle purse), Jackie Jennings (chlling as the Demogorgon) and Erin Locascio (in the iconic pink Eleven dress) just had the most awesome debate about how legit these fan theories actually are.

You've probably seen things like this crawling all over Reddit. Are we going to see other experiments like Eight? How connected is the Upside-Down to the Cold War and — possibly — the boys' game of D&D? Is the Upside-Down an alternate dimension or something created by nuclear fallout? If it is an alternate dimension, is it an alternate past, present or future? Is Hopper's daughter not dead, but another experiment stuck in Hawkins Lab?

So. Many. Questions.

The Upside-Down is complicated. There are so many possibilities for this alternate realm it really is that it might turn your brain upside down. Some fans think that it's the inevitable future of a nuclear holocaust fueled by the Cold War. Some argue that it actually might be the past of a Hawkins ravaged by the Demogorgon and the Mind Flayer, especially because of the vintage cars you might have noticed.

Hawkins lab experiments have slightly less murky theories surrounding them. It would only make sense that we see more of them if Eight was revealed last season, right? Maybe they could even join forces X-Men-style and take on the supernatural forces that threaten this otherwise typical vision of '80s suburbia.

Now about Hopper's daughter. She's supposedly dead, but then why is there that shot of the detective crying on the stairs that have been confirmed to be the same stairs seen in Hawkins lab? They may be hard to make out because shadows kind of obscure them. Is she still being tortured in there and struggling to break out? If she is, maybe she could join Eleven and Eight and the others (if they come back) in the battle against monsters.

If you want to know more of our cosplayers' opinions, you have to watch this video to hear it straight from the Demogorgon's mouth.

This article was contributed to by Elizabeth Rayne.