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Twice the Toys: Ted and Chucky Join Forces on Peacock

One kills with laughter the other... just kills. All episodes of Ted and Chucky are now streaming on Peacock.

By James Grebey
Ted and Chucky Now Streaming on Peacock

Is Peacock a streaming service or a toybox? It’s getting harder to tell because there are now two different shows on the platform about talking toys. One of them is a Teddy bear with a tendency for raunchy humor. The other is a doll who also has a tendency for raunchy humor — and also murder. And Ted and Chucky are now both available to stream in the same place. 

How to Watch

Watch Chucky on SYFY. Stream from the beginning on Peacock.

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Ted, the new Peacock original series that serves as a prequel to the two Ted films released in the 2010s, is now streaming its entire first seven-episode season. Seth MacFarlane reprises his role as the voice of the talking Teddy as he and his buddy John (Max Burkholder, playing a younger version of Mark Wahlberg’s character from the films) navigate growing up in Massachusetts in the ‘90s. 

The new series joints Chucky, SYFY and USA Network’s horror-comedy show about the killer doll first introduced in the Child’s Play films. Brad Dourif returns as the voice of Chucky, and the ongoing third season has the talking toy terrorizing the White House.

Ted: TV's New Favorite Teddy Bear

As a new promo — which you can watch above — shows, there are certainly some similarities between the two toys and their TV shows. But, while Ted “kills with comedy, Chucky just kills.” To be honest, though, that’s not giving Chucky enough credit. He’s quite funny, too! He even manages to make his kills hilarious, like that time he killed Saturday Night Live’s Kenan Thompson by shoving an umbrella down his throat (and then opening it). 

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You can watch both shows for laughter (and, in one case, slaughter) on Peacock. All seven episodes of Ted are now streaming. Seasons 1 and 2 of Chucky, along with the first half of Season 3, are streaming as well. The second half of Season 3 of Chucky will premiere on SYFY and USA Network. 

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