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How a "Legendary" SNL Party Led to Two All-Time Kills in Chucky Season 3

Don Mancini started plotting some show-stopping scripted deaths for Chucky Season 3 at a Saturday Night Live after-party.

By Stephanie Gomulka
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This story contains spoilers for Chucky Season 3, Episode 4, "Dressed to Kill."

It wouldn’t be a new season of Chucky without a fresh slate of guest stars for the Good Guy Doll to sink his knife into. Last season there was in-ring legend Liv Morgan — and this season, creator Don Mancini tapped into the Saturday Night Live roster.

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Mancini told SYFY WIRE that the comedians' addition to this White House-centric third season of the hit SYFY and USA Network series was something of a happy accident. And while half of the season follows our heroes Jake (Zackary Arthur), Devon (Bjorgvin Arnarson), and Lexy (Alyvia Alyn Lind) as they attempt to kill Chucky once and for all, the rest revolves around Chucky already doing some (more) killing of his own.

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And what better way for a famous guest star to go out than at Chucky's (tiny, murderous) hands?

How Does Kenan Thompson Die on Chucky

Caroline Cross (Carina Battrick) and Chucky sit in the backseat of a cab and listen to the cab driver (Kenan Thompson) speak.

Kenan Thompson (SNL, Kenan & Kel) plays a Taxi driver Chucky impales with an umbrella after a short ride with Caroline (Carina Battrick), Lexy’s little sister who’s under the serial killer doll’s wing this season. 

Thompson’s character initially thought Chucky was merely an “Interactive AI Robot Doll” he heard about on TV, but quickly becomes concerned as they pair discuss a kill list.  

Chucky brings the driver’s seat down and forcefully pushes a bright pink umbrella with polka dots through Thompson’s body leaving the windshield of the yellow cab spattered with blood. It is a Chucky death after all.  

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Thompson’s appearance on the show and bloody demise didn’t take a lot of convincing, according to Mancini.

“I think he was really into it,” Mancini said. “I was introduced to Kenan by Barbara Woods, who is the actress who played Lexy’s mom in Seasons 1 and 2.” 

Woods is also the real-life mom of Alyvia Alyn Lind, who plays Lexy. Thompson connected with Mancini while he was at New York for Comic-Con last year to promote Chucky.  

“Kenan threw us a big party just because he’s a fan,” Mancini said. “He’s a huge horror fan, just a movie fan and is really quite knowledgeable about film history, He’s a really interesting guy to talk to about movies.” 

As a “Bonafide fan of Kenan’s,” Mancini was invited to come watch SNL where Thompson introduced him to other cast members.  

Who Guest Stars on Chucky Season 3? 

Another cast member who appears in this season of Chucky is Sarah Sherman.  

“At the after party, one of the legendary SNL after parties, I like said would you guys be into like coming on and being killed by Chucky,” Mancini said. “They said yes, absolutely and it’s just so great it worked out.” 

Sherman previously played Chucky in a sketch on SNL alongside actor Jake Gyllenhaal.  

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“I’m a big fan of hers and one of the things that she’s known for and that she’s brought to SNL is she has this very specific brand of kind of body horror comedy, which is very new for SNL, and I think very fresh and young,” Mancini said. 

Sherman’s comedic approach was something they wanted to honor with how Chucky killed her, Mancini said. 

“One of the things she does a lot is like damage to the face,” Mancini said. “That’s like catnip to us, those of us who work on Chucky.” 

Sherman makes her appearance as Annie Gilpin, Nanny to the President’s son Henry in the season’s Halloween episode. Unfortunately, she loses her face after a White House chandelier comes crashing down.  

There’s another major guest star appearance in the fourth episode: Oscar Nominated Actress Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding). Vardalos teaches cooking to other women in prison where she and Jennifer Tilly are behind bars. She takes her comedic chops to the...chopping board. Tilly uses her Voodoo for Dummies book and doll to orchestrate the perfect recipe for Vardalos’ brutal death scene.  

Plus, Alex Vincent briefly reprises his role as Andy Barclay, in a dream sequence for Chucky in the third episode of the season.  

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