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Want to get your heart pumping? Check out this very stressful trailer for ‘Fall’

If the movie Fall is as stressful as the trailer, we’re in for a hair-raising, hand-wringing ride. 

By Vanessa Armstrong
Fall Trailer

If you thought that climbing was a totally relaxing and not stressful thing to do, the movie Fall is ready to correct you of that notion. The film’s trailer finds two best friends/climbers — Becky (Grace Caroline Currey) and Hunter (Virginia Gardner) — deciding to climb a 2,000-foot abandoned radio tower... and guess what?! They get stuck up there with no way to get down and no way to get help.

What a calm, relaxing situation to find yourself in!

Check out the trailer below, if you feel the need to inject anxiety into your veins:

The trailer also reveals that Hunter as well as The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan — who appears to have a mentor or fatherly connection to Becky — are worried for Becky. Why are the two concerned? Becky is still grieving for her husband (Mason Gooding), who died in a mysterious climbing accident (which we see in the trailer) a year ago. 

Hunter’s solution to getting her friend out of grief is by having her climb the radio tower... which definitely backfires. But here’s to hoping that their combined climbing skills will get them off that eerily eroding tower alive.

We have writer Jonathan Frank and writer-director Scott Mann to thank for this stressful tale, and we can find out for ourselves what fate awaits Hunter and Becky when Fall drops into theaters on Friday, Aug. 12. 

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