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'Let's a-go!': Super Nintendo World holds launch event at Universal Studios Hollywood

Mario, Peach and Luigi joined Nintendo creatives and executives to open the new land!

By Tara Bennett
Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood Launch Event

Just shy of two years since Super Nintendo World opened at Universal Studios Japan in 2021, the second iteration of the immersive and interactive land had its grand opening event Wednesday night at Universal Studios Hollywood, two days ahead of its opening to the public. The red carpet event welcomed celebrities like Chris Pratt, Maria Shriver, Brie Larson, Anderson .Paak, Chance the Rapper, actor Dylan Sprouse and comedian Sam Richardson, as well as Nintendo creative luminaries like Representative Director and Fellow, Shigeru Miyamoto, and Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer, Shinya Takahashi.

A red carpet entrance for all of the guests put them onto the Lower Lot of Universal Studios Hollywood at the entrance of Super Nintendo World. Once everyone entered the rainbow lit pipe, the whole bowl-shaped land was immersed in a green projection light show that featured iconic images from the Mario games including Koopa shells, stars, coins, Power bricks and mushrooms. The program officially kicked off with a dance version of the Mario theme, supported by dancers in race costumes and glow sticks who put together a full-sized Mario Kart racer as they boogied with precision. 

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Tom Mehrmann, President and COO, Pacific Rim, Universal Parks and Resorts, then welcomed the press, VIPs and Universal Parks team members who were responsible for bringing the Universal Studios Hollywood park to life. "We're thrilled about the Grand Opening of Super Nintendo World," he told the crowd. "I grew up in Southern California and was quite fortunate to watch the transformation of Universal Studios Hollywood. What started as a simple Studio Tour to what is now a world class theme park ... For me, tonight is a pivotal moment." 

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood Launch Event

Mehrmann then had everyone do their best Mario stance and screamed "Let's A-Go!" to bring out Mark Woodbury, Chairman & CEO of Universal Parks and Resorts. Woodbury thanked Nintendo, which created the characters and the world that the park is built around. "Our powerful relationship with Nintendo is built on creativity and a shared vision to ... create something entirely new.

We literally brought you into Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach's colorful world," he said, lauding their seven-year journey with the gaming giant that culminated in the 2021 Super Nintendo World opening at Universal Studios Japan. "And now, we're ready to roll out the red carpet and open Super Nintendo World here in Hollywood. And there's more to come. Soon, we're going to add another Super Nintendo World to Universal Orlando Resort."

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood Launch Event

Woodbury continued, "Our Universal brand is built on bringing the most compelling stories to life in unique and captivating ways. With Super Nintendo World, we're taking personal storytelling to whole new level. This entire land is rich with interactivity, distinctive merchandise, inventive culinary treats and Mario Kart Bowser's Challenge, the first of its kind augmented reality technology which enables us to translate what generations of people have experienced with Nintendo games into an immersive ride that is unlike anything else in the world."

Princess Peach, Mario and Luigi, who will be part of the park for photo opportunities throughout the day (and extra points to collect during your time in the park), were then brought in with Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo, who thanked everyone for creating the very first Super Nintendo World in the United States. He then helped countdown the official opening of the land with fireworks, and the eventual turning on of the lights and all the moveable creatures and characters that park guests will experience in the land. 

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood Launch Event

From there, guests got to to explore the park, use their Power-Up bands to get points from the Power blocks, earn keys in the challenges, try the signature Mango Boba drink, and ride Mario Kart Bowser's Challenge. The park opens to the public on Friday.

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