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SYFY WIRE Super Nintendo World

Rev up your Mario Kart! Super Nintendo World sets February opening at Universal Studios Japan

By Vanessa Armstrong
Super Nintendo Land

Those who’ve used Nintendo video games to escape from the real world for awhile will now be able to spend time with Mario, Yoshi, and others on this side of a screen as well. Starting on Feb. 4, 2021, the immersive attraction, Super Nintendo World, will open in Universal Studios Japan.

While we've known that the land would open sometime early next year, we didn't have a specific date, or many details on what the new Nintendo world would look like. Universal Studios Japan gave us a hint of some of the attractions today, however, with newly released photos of the Mario Kart and Yoshi-themed rides, as well as some of the other attractions guests will be able to enjoy. 


One unique option for guests are Power-Up Bands, physical bracelets that people can purchase for extra Nintendo gaming fun. Want to collect virtual coins, punch Mario’s famous “?” blocks, and, most importantly, see how your score matches up with other guests? The Power-Up Bands will have you covered. There’s even a Golden Mushroom challenge guests can play — all you have to do is collect three keys and then fight Bowser Jr. by jumping and punching with your Power-Up Band to win.

golden mushroom

Speaking of Bowser Jr., the bad guy’s dad has his own castle in Super Nintendo World. The castle is what you'd expect from a big boss at the end of a difficult level — it's spooky, a little scary, and includes an impressive sculpture of Bowser himself:

Bowser's Castle

There are also two rides in Super Nintendo World: Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge and Yoshi’s Adventure.

Mario Kart

Let’s start with Mario Kart! In Koopa’s Challenge, which is found inside Bowser’s Castle, guests will be able to strap into a 4-person kart, and, in an augmented reality environment, be able to race and throw turtle shells at other guests while competing to “win” the experience.


Yoshi’s adventure will allow you to hang out with your favorite turtle-eating dinosaur as well as Captain Toad, while you ride the former and follow the latter on a treasure-hunting adventure. Guests will need to find three colored eggs on the ride that will lead them to a Golden Egg (aka the treasure Captain Toad is seeking).

Based on these photos, it looks like there will be lots to do in Super Nintendo World. Our world will have to wait until Feb. 4, 2021 to experience firsthand, however. And those not in Japan will have to wait even longer until the land opens in Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando. We have the video games, at least, to keep us occupied until we can visit Super Nintendo World in person. 

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