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Final season trailer: Supergirl showrunners tease 'life or death' stakes for Kara's last arc

By Matthew Jackson

Kara Danvers has been through a lot in five seasons of Supergirl. Melissa Benoist's take on the Kryptonian hero has won over the hearts of fans across two different networks as she's battled enemies, made friends, been through several trying crossovers, broken new ground with superheroic representation on the small screen, and even set up a spinoff. Now, with the final season approachingSupergirl showrunners are teasing a face-off with Kara's greatest threat yet: Her own sense of mortality. 

Fittingly for a superhero story, the hit CW series will pick up its sixth and final year next week with a lot going on. Half the world is brainwashed thanks to Lex Luthor's efforts, Lex himself is still out there somewhere, Brainy is in bad shape, Gamemnae's itching for a fight, and amid all of that Kara's also trying to patch things up with Lena. So, where does all of that leave Kara? 

"She is going to really sacrifice her life and put her life on the line to save her friends and humanity," co-showrunner Jessica Queller said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. "That challenge, she's going to face her mortality in a way we've never done on the show. That's really the focus of the first run of seven episodes. It's life or death stakes for Kara, and it's very introspective. So, all of the soul searching and taking stock of the past six years will happen in the beginning, and then she'll put it all into play in the second half."

Check out the final season trailer:

Supergirl | Season 6 Trailer | The CW

As for what else fans can expect in Supergirl's final outing, Queller and co-showrunner Robert Rovner also teased a "more integral" role in the Superfriends for Lena as she and Kara mend old wounds, as well as a focus on the correct use of power in a world where certain people seem to have it in endless quantities. Since Rama Khan leveled the DEO last season, superhuman regulation is out the window, which means Kara and her friends have to find a way to use their gifts honorably, even if the powerful people around them refuse to. 

"The theme that we really decided to focus on this year is about power, and the abuse of power, and the limits of powers, and from without and within," Queller said. "So including not just our bad guys, which is very easy, but in terms of our heroes making decisions [because] their power is almost limitless. How [do] they decide where the line is?"

Supergirl returns March 30 at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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