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SYFY WIRE SurrealEstate

SurrealEstate Recap: The Roman Agency must quarantine at the office when a demon follows them home for possession

By Seth Garben
SURREALESTATE -- "Quarantine" Episode 107

After enduring a year and change going in and out of lockdowns, you'd think we'd have gotten the knack of it already. Au contraire.

Rather, they seem to be getting harder and harder to endure; and that goes double when you have to quarantine at your place of work because a homicidal spirit that can possess anyone at any time threatens to unleash havoc on the outside world.

Or maybe that's just a Roman Agency thing. Either way, holed up together for an indeterminate amount of time, the crew is about to get to know themselves — and each other — a bit more… intimately.

**SPOILER WARNING! Spoilers ahead for SurrealEstate Season 1, Episode 7, "Quarantine."**

'Twas the night before Susan (Sarah Levy) was to receive her Platinum Lifetime Achievement Award, and all through the Roman Agency office, everyone is astir. The team has just returned from their latest listing where they had to exorcise the house of a demon that had possessed two children who brutally murdered their parents.

After some discussion, they realize they were dealing with a "roadie" — an incorporeal demon who jumps from body to body looking for a temporary home. Luckily, August (Maurice Dean Wint) zapped it with one of his MacGyver-meets-Egon Spengler devices and vanquished it.

Or did he? For when the office's paranormal alarm goes off, the team wonders if the thing August supposedly killed actually hitched a ride with one of them unannounced. A roadie would do something like that.

Luke (Tim Rozon) makes the executive decision to lock down the office to ensure that, if this roadie has in fact planted itself in one of them, they don't inadvertently unleash it on the world. It proves to be a prudent decision, as August, while on the phone with his cat sitter discussing recipes, starts to notice his hand inexplicably shaking. The roadie... it's inside him.

Apparently still in some control of his senses, August ventures into his workshop with the aim of retooling the device he used (unsuccessfully) to obliterate the roadie. But he invites Zooey (Savannah Basley) to join him, probably to monitor him and make sure he doesn't do anything terribly violent.

At least not physically violent. But he does start emotionally digging into her personal life, casting aspersions on her dating travails, her perceived neediness, even her line of lackluster boyfriends. It's uncharacteristically harsh for August, but to be expected from the controversy-loving demon harbored inside him.

But mean words soon give way to physical attacks, as the roadie relocates from August's body to Zooey's by force. Free of the intruder, August bursts in on the rest of the agency to update them on what's been going on. They're none too happy, but August thinks he might have a solution to the whole mess. However, first he needs to get his hands on a particular kind of a high-end blender — one that the demon seems to have a yen for.

That's when Zooey ambles in, apparently demon-free. With things having settled down for the time being, the crew flip on the TV to the evening news just in time to catch a reel about the crime scene they're trying to sell. The press has outed the Roman Agency as the "shadowy" real estate company connected to not one but two grisly catastrophes (the other being the fire at the Travis house where multiple people died).

Thankfully Megan (Tennille Read) walks into the office to cut the tension; even better, she's brought with her the exact make and model of blender August is looking for, and he gets working on it immediately. Susan, meanwhile, starts in on an unprovoked diatribe of Luke and his damaged personality. The attack is so vicious and out-of-the-blue, Phil (Adam Korson) recognizes in Susan the presence of the roadie, which, based on his research, is probably a Nordic spirit that acts like a spectral truth serum, making its hosts say exactly what's on their minds.

That's when Susan lashes out with some scrappy, Nordically-supercharged Street Fighter moves. Luke detains her, but gets infected with the demon in the process. Luckily, August has finalized his kitchen appliance-cum-demoncatcher and hoovers the roadie. And with that, Luke lifts the lockdown.

The next night, Susan finds herself persona non grata at the awards ceremony, even more so now that the Roman Agency's latest exploits have besmirched the already sullied name of the real estate industry. But just when she thought she was going to have to give her speech to a room full of her sworn, albeit jealous, enemies, the entire Roman Agency crew and their significant others arrive to show their support — for Susan, and each other. It's duly needed after a night spent trading verbal and physical barbs, and in preparation for a professional future that will be nothing less than uncertain.

Everything seems on the up-and-up when Megan leaves Roman high and dry in the parking lot and takes an Uber back to her place — alone. But she's not alone: She's got the roadie in her, and for some reason, it wants to see her house.

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