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WIRE Buzz: Tales from the Loop's trippy sneak peek; Murder House Flip signs a deadly mortgage

By Josh Weiss
Tales From the Loop

Go behind the scenes of Amazon's ambitious sci-fi series, Tales from the Loop, in a new featurette.

Nathaniel Halpern (a writer for FX's Legion) created and wrote the project, which is executive-produced by Matt Reeves (The Batman) and inspired by the drawings of world-renowned Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag.

"It's a genuine cinematic experiment," says Jodie Foster (Black Mirror), who directed Episode 8 of the debut season. "I really feel like it's a film lover's television show."

Mark Romanek (One Hour Photo) and Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo) also directed on Season 1.

Watch the featurette below:

The show takes place in a town built above The Loop, a mysterious machine whose purpose is to unlock the inscrutable secrets of the universe. As a result, the Loop-based experiments begin to affect "time, space, perception, emotion, and memory," Romanek explains in the video.

According to the official synopsis from Amazon, "poignant human tales are told that bare universal emotional experiences while drawing on the intrigue of genre storytelling."

Rebecca Hall (Iron Man 3), Paul Schneider (Parks and Recreation), Ato Essandoh (Altered Carbon), Daniel Zolghardi (Eighth Grade), Duncan Joiner (Waco), and Jonathan Pryce (Game of Thrones) co-star.

Tales from the Loop premieres on Amazon Prime on Friday, April 3.

Quibi's first trailer for Murder House Flip is the unholy collision of American Horror Story and HGTV.

The upcoming reality series revolves around sprucing up domiciles where grisly homicides took place. As macabre as that sounds, it offers a nice twist on the countless home-renovation shows currently on television. A couple's journey to their "dream home" gets infinitely more interesting when there's a chance the contractors might dig up dismembered body parts in the front yard.

Watch the trailer now:

Murder House Flip | Official Trailer | Quibi

Renovation mavens Mikel Welch and Joelle Uzyel will do their best "to remove the stains of the past and take these homes from morbid to marvelous," promises the release.

 Josh Berman (CSI, Bones), Chris King (Penny Dreadful), Katherine Ramsland and Star Price (Active Shooter, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition) serve as executive producers.

Murder House Flip launches the same day as Quibi — April 6.

The Infinity Stones are returning to the Marvel Universe is a special comic book event arriving this summer, the publisher announced today. To quote the MCU's Thanos, it was ... inevitable.

Titled Infinite Destinies, the event will consist of eight annuals, in which established heroes like Captain America and Iron Man are paired up with newcomers (both good and bad) like Star, Amulet, the Assessor, and Quantum. Naturally, the Stones factor heavily into each story, their eventual owners deciding the ultimate shape of the Marvel comic book mythos.

“We’ve had a wave of incredible new characters over the last few years, and Infinite Destinies will shine a light on eight of them,” editor Nick Lowe told “We’ll discover new aspects of these heroes and villains in adventures with our the most archetypal Marvel heroes.”

Check out the full schedule below:

Infinite Destinies Marvel Comics

Writer Jed MacKay (Black Cat) and artist Ibraim Roberson (Old Man Logan) kick things off with Iron Man Annual #1 in June. The plot sees Tony Stark looking into the kidnapping and torture of Miles Morales.

"The Infinity Stones have found new homes — as people!” MacKay teased. "Infinite Destinies is the next chapter in the story of the Infinity Stones and the people they've bonded with — and the powers in the Marvel Universe who are taking interest in these powerful new players."

Writer Gerry Duggan (Cable) and artist Marco Castiello (Doom 2099) are handling Captain America Annual #1, which deals with Overtime, the Time Stone, and Steve Rogers. This annual also goes on sale in June.

Here are the first two covers:

Infinite Destinies Marvel Comics

The creative teams for the next six books — which will arrive throughout July, August, and September — have yet to be confirmed, although writers Kelly Thompson (Captain Marvel) and Saladin Ahmed (Miles Morales: Spider-Man) were teased for future announcements.

Each annual comes with a chapter of "Super-Spy vs. Super-Spy," the first team-up between Nick Fury and Phil Coulson since the latter's death.