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SYFY WIRE Tales of the Walking Dead

'Tales of the Walking Dead' showrunner has written a musical episode - but will we ever get to see it?

The undead anthology shambles onto AMC Sunday, Aug. 14.

By Josh Weiss
Samantha Morton as Dee, Scarlett Blum as Lydia in Tales of the Walking Dead Season 1

"Musical" isn't exactly the first word that comes to mind when you think of a franchise like The Walking Dead, but if Channing Powell has her way, the undead universe ruled by reanimated and flesh-hungry corpses will receive a vibrant injection of show tunes.

The showrunner and executive producer behind Tales of the Walking Dead (an anthology set within the world of the long-running AMC show) recently admitted to Entertainment Weekly that she has a script for a musical episode, which was "a little bit too difficult to film" at the time of production on the first six episodes. However, that doesn't mean we won't get to see it somewhere down the road. "Should we get a season 2 or 3, I'm going to push for that one if I can," she continued. "It lives in my heart and in my mind."

Powell actually made reference to a Walking Dead musical several weeks ago at a San Diego Comic-Con press conference attended by SYFY WIRE. “I was dying to do a musical and I might have written the script. There might be something out there,” she teased to the gathered journalists at the Hilton Bayfront. “But I think some of them were so different, that we kind of wanted to see how much we could push the boundaries within the world and the tone.”

The Walking Dead brand manager and Tales executive producer Scott M. Gimple explained that he and Powell "had aspirations" for musical or animated installments. "Channing [leaned] more musical, I [leaned] more animation, but we both lost," he said. "We hope to do those in the future. The big thing with this show is the variety."

Also chatting with EW, Gimple explained that the goal with the anthology is "to surprise people every week with what they will be getting."

"We tried as much as we could to push the boundaries of this world," echoed Powell. "And some of them are going to be not what the audience is expecting of The Walking Dead. And then there are hopefully a few that are a little more in tone and in line with what they would expect. So there's a little bit for everybody."

Samantha Morton (reprising the role of lead Whisperer, Alpha, for a look at the character before she joined a killer cult), Terry Crews (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Jesse T. Usher (The Boys), Poppy Liu (Better Call Saul), Parker Posey (Lost in Space), Daniella Pineda (Jurassic World Dominion), Anthony Edwards (Top Gun), Jillian Bell (Godmothered), Olivia Munn (X-Men: Apocalypse), Danny Ramirez (The Falcon and The Winter Soldier), Loan Chabanol (Fading Gigolo), and Embeth Davidtz (Old) co-star.

Tales of The Walking Dead shambles onto AMC this Sunday — Aug. 14 — at 9 p.m. ET. The first two episodes will be available on AMC+ the same night.

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