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SYFY WIRE Tamagotchi

Tamagotchi revival lets you put a ring on it with new breedable pets

By Jacob Oller
Tamagotchi On Amazon

Keychain craze Tamagotchi has been making a comeback almost as long as it’s been around, as the digital pets have the addictive power of Pokémon without the need for battling gameplay. It’s just been time to feed them for the past few years. Now, Bandai America isn’t just re-releasing the standard toy, but giving nostalgic pet owners another chance with its latest installation of the Tamagotchi franchise, Tamagotchi On.

According to Variety, Tamagotchi On made its big announcement today, revealing all the pet-rearing features that fans have come to love from the toys (feeding and playing with a creature as it grows up from an egg) plus a few newfangled bells and whistles. There’s a companion app for Tamagotchi On that allows pet owners to get into holiday events, games, and more intense communications with friends like trading gifts and marrying each others’ Tamagotchis.

The latter ability introduces crossbreeding to the series, which allows physical traits to be passed down from virtual generation to virtual generation. If you thought people that bred Pokémon for the stats were intense, wait until people are breeding Tamagotchis for the perfect nose.

Gamers can also earn Gotchi Points for use at an in-game store, presumably to buy some of those gifts we mentioned earlier. With all these new features — including that matrimony-focused breeding mechanic — exciting fans, it’s no wonder that so many are expressing their joy on social media.

Take a look:

Fans can pre-order Tamagotchi On now through Amazon, though they’re expected to ship out on August 15.

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