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The 100 Discussion: 'The Children of Gabriel' shows that all is not well in Sanctum

By Alyssa Fikse & Jessica Toomer

You would think that a fresh start on a new planet would mean good news on The 100, but alas, there's something rotten in Sanctum. This new culture seems steeped in ritual and secrecy, so it seems like only a matter of time before Clarke finds herself as a liberator yet again. While our stalwart band looks to find a new home among these people, the cracks are already starting to show. 

As Clarke and the rest peel back the onion that is Sanctum, we're here to walk you through all of the twists and turns. We're Alyssa Fikse and Jessica Toomer, and we're ready to geek out over the latest episode of The 100 with you.

Missing media item.Meeting The Planet Natives

Jessica: Well, here we are again. The group meets the residents of Sanctum in the worst way possible — with the locals thinking they’ve invaded their pre-school and are chatting up their creepy kids. I know this isn’t how Clarke and the gang planned to kick off their new life but I can’t say I blame these folks for their open hostility towards them. If you rolled up on a handful of strangers just kickin' it in your backyard, wearing full grunge with guns littering the ground, you’d be suspicious, too. That said, we definitely don’t trust this Russell dude, right?

Alyssa: I mean, I have seen a television show before, so no, I don’t trust Russell. But they really are setting up the Sanctum residents to be semi-understandable, right? Sure, their religion/customs are a little weird and formal. But there are dogs there! And vegetables! It can’t be that bad! Just kidding, there is totally something darker going on under the surface, even if they did save Murphy with the creepy snake.

Jessica: Whose religion isn’t whack these days, amirite? But no, it’s Russell’s benevolence and chill AF attitude towards finding the group that seems off. I get the vibe that there’s a definite imbalance of power amongst these people and he’s enjoying the benefits of that. But let’s backburner Russell’s cult-leader status to appreciate Murphy being resurrected like some cockroach Jesus. Did you see how soft Clarke was with him when she thought the kid was dying? I need more of this duo in my life.

Alyssa: Seriously, Clarke and Murphy are my brOTP this season, and this episode really drives that home. They’ve come so far since trying to murder each other in cold blood! You know who I am struggling with this season? Raven. I stan one capable mechanic, but she needs to get over her Clarke hate as soon as possible. It’s a bad look. I try and give her some slack because she has been through the absolute ringer, but jeez.

Jessica: As unfair as it is, I can’t help thinking that if Bellamy, who Clarke left to die in the fighting pits, can forgive her, then the rest of these b*tches should already be falling at her feet. They should be thanking her for saving them (yet again) and taking the lead with these tense negotiations at Sanctum. Raven’s quick to question Clarke’s leadership but she’s also quick to leave her to do the dirty work of making allies and ensuring they have a place to live, safely and in peace, on this new planet.

That’s my peeve with how everyone treats Clarke — they seemingly hate her until they need her. I want our Mama Bear to reunite with her cub and live out the rest of her days far away from this bullshit — painting and dancing and going to Maddie’s PTA meetings. Alas, with Bellamy, Echo, Raven, and Octavia leaving to retrieve the transport ship in a show of good faith, it’s all on Clarke to build bridges at Sanctum. I’m just gonna say it — nothing good ever comes from separating Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin.

Alyssa: Strong agree. And I think deep down they know that too. The longing looks shared as he leaves through the field? They know things are about to get bad. And I agree that it’s all kinds of wrong that people are willing to hate on Clarke until they need her to save their asses. Death count aside, Clarke is really good at her unofficial job as the leader, and even in their bitterness, they know that. For whatever reason, Raven especially is having a hard time letting that go. That should have been dealt with at least two seasons ago.

Missing media item.A Diplomatic Dinner

Jessica: Let’s move onto happier things, like five-course dinners and puppies and Clarke Griffin in a damn dress. That’s right, it’s a whole new world, people. I feel like we’ve seen Clarke in the same outfit for YEARS, so getting to admire how she’s totally rocking this post-apocalyptic bohemian vibe is a real treat. Also, Forever 21 should make a “Sanctum” collection, no?

Alyssa: Yes! I am digging the rich color palette of Sanctum and would like to incorporate it into my summer vibe, please and thank you. Clarke was ready to get her A+ diplomacy on, but unfortunately, she was cut off at the knees before she could really get started. Jordan. Sweet angel baby. You can’t meet one girl in your whole life and then immediately share all of the secrets that might make your team look bad. I know you’re new at this whole life thing, but c’mon!

Jessica: This episode was foreshadowing how big of a liability Jordan is to the team. He’s a newborn baby they feel responsible for, except he’s stuck in a grown man’s body and thinks he’s capable of making decisions for himself. Not to hate on Harper and Monty’s parenting style but I highly doubt there was much disciplining going on in space all those years. Jordan’s gonna need to learn, and fast, about a little thing called loyalty because I doubt Clarke is going to let another slip go unpunished. Sadly, karma is a stone cold b*tch, so Jordan got his due in the most awkward way possible. I get that hormones are raging for the kid, but when you decide to hook up with a complete stranger on a foreign planet whose people may kill you, a paralytic dart is the best “happy ending” you’re gonna get.

Alyssa: Seriously, I’m going to need Bellamy to sit down with Jordan and give him the talk because clearly Monty and Harper dropped that ball. However, even though Jordan totally blew it for Clarke at that diplomatic dinner, he does give her another opportunity to show her worth to Russell and help track down the missing girl. That said, part of me isn’t so sure that this girl doesn’t have something worse waiting for her on her Name Day. Any time you’re dressing up young girls in pretty outfits for some sort of mysterious ritual, all is not well. All is not well at all. Still, for the short term, staying on Russell's good side seems to be the best way to keep everyone alive. For now. Plus, once again, the nightblood is important. Always is!

Jessica: I had hoped nightblood would’ve finally blown through its plot currency on this show but, alas, we can’t have everything we want. I worry what this means for Clarke and Maddie, especially now that Russell believes Clarke is also of “Prime” descendence — I don’t totally understand what that means but it’s got a real Game of Thrones, houses of Westeros feel to it. I’m assuming the Primes are of ancient bloodlines and are like royalty here? I don’t have a clue what the Naming Day ritual is but homegirl didn’t seem excited about it, so I’ll put money on your bet that it’s bad.

Also, it seemed only two girls were being prepped for the big day and anytime a ritual is specifically focused on young women, I get the creeps. I have a feeling that the more Clarke learns about the traditions and customs of this place, the more she’s going to be in conflict with Russell and, eventually, the group will revolt for the good of mankind. Which, great... but also, can’t we just find a nice beach somewhere without radioactive algae that kills and just, I don’t know, live?

Alyssa: Nope. No farm to table niceness for The 100. While I am a little annoyed that they’re going back to the nightblood well, I really have enjoyed peeling back the layers of this new civilization this season. As creepy as the undertones are, I am looking forward to seeing more on Sanctum. How did the Primes get to rule? How is humanity, centuries and light years away from earth, still falling back on royalty? Set up your utopian society and leave the oppressive politics behind, people!

Breaking The Peace

Jessica: Even a perfect world like Sanctum must have warring factions, it seems. People love that messy drama, y’all. The Children of Gabriel are basically the Rebel Alliance here. I’m not totally siding with them because I’m still clueless as to what the hell is going on, but you can’t help but feel sympathy for these guys. I mean, they’re out in the woods, wearing weird gas masks and moaning about some old guy — I’m assuming Russell — finally acknowledging their efforts while the rest of Sanctum is playing fetch with their army of Golden Retrievers and snacking on vegan hors d'oeuvres. Life ain’t fair. Still, attacking Diyoza and Maddie with more paralytic darts — seriously, we need to find immunity to that quick — is not the way to bring us to your side.

Alyssa: Yeah, I’m not sure I’m ready to completely jump on board with the Children of Gabriel, but I am getting freedom fighter vibes. Those paralytic darts are bad news, for real. Luckily, Diyoza is smart as a whip and knows when to play dead. Also lucky? Octavia hasn’t lost any of her fighting skills in cryo-sleep. I know that we’re supposed to be rooting for non-violence here, but damn, I kind of loved seeing Octavia unleashed again. Of course, Bellamy was somewhat less excited than I was to be reminded that Octavia can handle herself. I do think it’s pretty rich that he’s forgiven Clarke but not Octavia. It’s clear that the eldest Blake is still nursing some pretty serious wounds in that respect.

Jessica: Serious wounds or no, does any past squabble justify abandoning your sister on a hostile planet, leaving her to fend for herself, and possibly die? I mean, we all know Octavia is a fighter, so I was never worried about the threat to her life, but damn that’s ice cold. I feel I must keep reminding people of this but Bellamy did poison Octavia, y’all. His reasons may have been sound, but he’s not without blame in this thing. It seems that leaving Octavia in the forest had an unforeseen consequence because now she’s hooked up with the Gabriel tribe — and by hooked up I mean she’s been incapacitated with paralytic gas this time and taken prisoner. How much you wanna bet Octavia becomes a de-facto leader of this group, figures out Russell’s creepy ritual shit, and tries to liberate Sanctum while saving her friends? Maybe that’s just my dream redemption arc for her, but it’s possible!

Alyssa: Oh man, I wish you were writing for this show because that is now my dream theory. Octavia has the skills to be a great leader as long as they aren’t forced by circumstance into cannibalism. This is her chance! I really am rooting for a redemption arc for her, and I hope that the writers aren’t going to pull a Game of Thrones here and throw it all away. But yeah, I can’t help feeling that Octavia might be in a better place with the Children of Gabriel than those stuck/safe in Sanctum. Things are not looking great for Diyoza now, right? I really hope they don’t kill off another interesting newish character for shock value as they did with Shaw.

Jessica: Again, Diyoza is a woman I just never worry about. If she’s gonna die, it needs to be doing something epic because that’s how she lives. Exposure and the elements aren’t going to be the end of this bad*ss. Honestly, I could see her hooking up with the Gabriel group during their invasion and helping them plan a better course of attack. I wouldn’t blame her either. If some white guy in a housecoat told me my picture was up there next to Hitler and Osama Bin Laden, I’d say “F*ck you, too” and find the nearest rebel army to lead an uprising.

What’s Next?

Alyssa: The fact that the team is largely back together does make me a bit more confident about how things are going to go for them. Maybe Murphy will get a break from his Buffy season six vibe and play with some dogs. (Not on this show!) I’m curious to see how loyal the group will be to Diyoza. I could see them handing her over for judgment in order to curry favor for the rest of the group. She’s new. She killed a lot of their people. Personally, I don’t see Clarke blowing their lead for her. I really am hoping for Raven and Clarke to really hash out their issues soon. They would be so much more powerful fighting side by side instead of sniping at each other.

Jessica: Agreed. Sanctum seems like the perfect place to hash sh*t out so I hope the show leans into its time there and resolves some conflicts between its core characters. I think the way society operates on this planet will force those conversations because I can’t imagine everyone is going to be happy with how this place is run. As for Diyoza, I doubt Clarke would go out on a limb for her but Maddie seems to have bonded with her fairly quick so who knows? Personally, I’d always want Diyoza on my team. After watching the preview for next week’s episode more times than I’m comfortable admitting, slowing that shit down, brightening it up, and concocting wild theories, I am pretty sure that we might see more of this Josephine Lightborn character, what happened to her, and what this Naming Day ritual is all about. A few shots show Russell in a new robe, surrounded by torches with skeletons behind him. This could be some kind of strange Halloween celebration, but it could also be a sacrifice about to happen. Really, who the hell knows with this show?

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