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Jackie Chan's Fantasia, Om Nom, Beethoven and More of the Best Animated Series on Peacock

Look inside the Peacock library for some animated series that are great for family viewing together. 

By Tara Bennett

We love animation here at SYFY WIRE, so we're always delighted to scroll through the Peacock library to discover their huge collection of animated kids originals that people might have missed throughout the years.

In the Kids TV section on NBCUniversal's streaming service, you'll find everything from popular contemporary shows to nostalgic classics that families can get to know and love together. And every month, there are exciting new additions!

This month, we've curated five excellent animated TV series that will appeal to all age ranges, and definitely keep the kiddos entertained for hours. 

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5 Great Animated Series to Discover Now on Peacock

Om Nom Stories

If you've ever spent way too much time swiping on the mobile game Cut the Rope, then the Om Nom Stories are for you (or, your kids). The series is essentially longer animated cut scenes featuring the adventures of the little green chomper monster, Om Nom. The series proves that the little guy with the expressive eyes has a very robust life outside of the game, with lots of new friends and less obsessive behavior regarding ropes. A sweet series that will bridge mobile gaming parents with their kids. 


Back in 1992, teen flick guru John Hughes made Beethoven, a movie about a huge, slobbery Saint Bernard that gets adopted by a family with a dad (Charles Grodin) that can't stand the smelly pooch... of course, he eventually warms up to the furry brute and everyone lives hilariously ever after. The movie became a huge success, inspiring four more sequels, a live-action TV show, and 1994's animated series, Beethoven. Bet you didn't know that the late, great Ivan Reitman executive produced this Saturday morning cartoon series that featured the voice work of Dean Jones, Bill Fagerbakke, Tress MacNeille, Joel Murray, and Maurice LaMarche. It's got a great stylized look and the same kinds of themes as the film, just without the boundaries of live-action. A fun pairing to go with the original movie for some nostalgia. 

Chloe's Closet

Chloe's Closet is a sweet animated series for kids who love to run wild with their animation. Chloe is a little British girl whose armoire turns into a portal to explore new worlds via playing dress up and using her imagination. It's got a Peppa Pig vibe to it, and the same potential to give your kids a very posh accent that will confuse friends and neighbors. 

Jimmy Two-Shoes

The delightfully surreal 2009 series Jimmy Two-Shoes centers on the adventures of the eponymous character, the only happy resident of Miseryville. The town is run by the despot Lucius Heinous VII, who is in the business of making enough misery at Misery Inc. for everyone to suffer. A show for the more eclectic kids out there, Jimmy Two-Shoes features a really unique animation style and very detailed world-building around such a weird place. There's fun satire and a swell of optimism that constantly comes from Jimmy, which is a refreshing thing to see in kid's animation. 

Jackie Chan's Fantasia

Technically a spin-off of Jackie Chan's Adventures, a previous animated series, Jackie Chan's Fantasia follows an animated Chan who is protecting the seven holy weapons from any nefarious villains, like Dr. Black and Orbar. The bad guys plan to rule the world by stealing all seven weapons, and Chan and his allies make it their job to prevent that from happening. If you like martial arts action and the kinds of films Chan is known for making, the series, produced by China's Nanjing Hongying Animation Entertainment, is a fun extension of his oeuvre with lots of ambition and world-building.

Check out other animated series streaming now on Peacock!

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