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SYFY WIRE How to Train Your Dragon

Dragons: The Nine Realms' Best Dragons, Ranked

If you love dragons, then Dragons: The Nine Realms should be your jam.

By Tara Bennett

Huzzah! The sixth season of Dragons: The Nine Realms drops June 15 on Peacock and Hulu, continuing the adventures of Tom Kullersen (Jeremy Shada) and his modern team of young dragon handlers known as the Dragon Club. Taking place 1,300 years after the events of How to Train Your Dragon, the first five seasons of Dragons: The Nine Realms has found the Dragon Club exploring the many realms where dragons exist inside a miles-deep fissure in the Earth's surface. Each season has revealed a smörgåsbord of variations on the main dragon races, some more friendly than others. 

For those who love their epic reptiliansThe Nine Realms has been feeding our kind well with lots of adventures that are entirely dragon-centric. But Season 6 promises to open the storytelling up as Tom and his friends finally introduce their dragons to the top-side scientific research station, ICARIS. As the two species get ready to rumble on a broader scale, SYFY WIRE put together a bit of a visual primer laying out some of the dragons of note in the series. Plus, we rank 'em based on their skills and impact in the series. 

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The Dragons of Dragons: The Nine Realms, Ranked

12. Snifflehide

Snifflehide and Eugene in Dragons: The Nine Realms 504

Much as their name suggests, Snifflehides are a Tracker Class of dragon that use their precision snouts much like a bloodhound would. They build their nests much like predator birds and are very maternal with their young. They also tend to be mostly blind, so definitely an issue that can be exploited in battle. 

11. Hobgobblers

Dragons: The Nine Realms 606

Starting with their amazing name, Hobgobblers look like mean potatoes with teeth.  Classified as Mystery and Stoker Class dragons they have incredibly destructive slobber so they can burst into flames when making contact with a physical object. When hungry, they behave like piranha and go into a feeding frenzy. Basically, these guys are small but terrifying. 

10. Snowtails

Snowtails in Dragons: The Nine Realms 505

Snowtails are Stoker Class dragons that live in the Ice Realm of the Hidden World. They are excellent climbers, even on the ice, and in turn, breathe out ice blasts when agitated. Social by nature, they hang out with others of their kind. You can also gain their loyalty by feeding them, or helping them out when in distress. 

9. Scuttleclaw

A still from the Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 5 trailer

With their big heads and tiny bodies, Scuttleclaws are rather cartoony looking. They are Sharp Class dragons and have evolved to carry some traits unique to them. In particular, they have a "silent scream" that knocks out their enemies. Intelligent little balls of energy, they can use the scream to distract their enemies and take advantage of the lack of attention. Basically, they're little con artists you want on your side.

8. Shellfire

Dragons: The Nine Realms 607

Shellfire's are like the toothy whale sharks of the Hidden Realm. They are massive Tidal Class dragons who live in large bodies of water. They are super strong and have the ability to fire large plasma-charged boulders as projectiles from their mouth. With their naturally strong carapace, they can withstand a lot of damage and then attack quickly. Fast swimmers, they can also go long distances with little effort. 

7. Vinetail

A still from the Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 5 trailer

A smaller Tracker Class dragon, the Vinetails are cool because they move like a monkey crossed with a lizard. Often found in trees, they use their prehensile tails like a fifth limb. They're agile, colorful and cunning. Super-smart, they've outwitted the Dragon Club on many occasions. 

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6. Featherhide

Alex and Feathers in Dragons: The Nine Realms 604

Aside from being cute, Featherhides have an amazing range of skills that make them an incredible ally. A Mystery Class dragon, they primarily protect themselves with their piercing sonic screams. Used alone or with others of their kind, they disable enemies who shrink away in pain from the sound. They can also completely cloak themselves like a chameleon, which makes them stealthy. They can also mimic sounds with great fidelity. 

5. Timberjack

Timberjack and Tom in Dragons: The Nine Realms 501

Timberjacks are huge, and are part of the Sharp Class dragon species. They have dangerous, razor-sharp wings, slender necks like a swan, and big horns. They also spit out an oil-based fire which is powerfully destructive. Kinda terrifying to look out, they're the full package when it comes to might and fight. 

4. Mist Twister

A still from DRAGONS: THE NINE REALMS Season 2

The old adage of "two heads are better than one" applies to Mist Twisters. A Tidal Class dragon — which means they're big — it features two heads, one red and one blue. They have independent personalities despite sharing one body, which means they can bicker and fight often. The red head breathes orange sparks or hot steam, while the blue head can breathe icy frost. And if they breathe together, they can form a protective. cloaking fog. They are great flyers, climbers, and strategic fighters. 

3. Deathgripper

Dragons: The Nine Realms 604

As Strike Class dragons, Deathgrippers are terrifying in every way. Physically, they possess protruding tusks, fore claw pincers, and poisonous clubbed tails. Like the xenomorphs in Alien, they launch green acidic blasts which obliterate anything they touch. They like to hunt in packs, making them formidable enemies if they come after you with intent. However, if you can get one on your side, they are a weapon and a half!

2. Sky Torcher

Sky Torcher in Dragons: The Nine Realms 501

A gigantic Stoker Class dragon, Sky Torchers are like the equivalent to a Game of Thrones dragon in look and size. They are pure white and can project four simultaneous streams of orange fire in multiple directions. They are impervious to heat and can actually hide inside magma pools. Super fast despite their huge mass, they are excellent fliers and can go long distances without needing to rest. 

1. Night Light

A still from the Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 3 trailer

The direct descendent of Night Furies and Light Furies, the Night Light is the hero dragon in all ways. From the lineage of Toothless, they can shoot explosive plasma blasts from their mouths and generate shock fields around their bodies. They can also cloak themselves, which is helpful when it comes to stealth. Night Lights are also super smart and loyal, and can communicate well with outside species such as Hiccup and now Tom. 

All six seasons of Dragons: The Nine Realms are available now on Peacock!