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'The Boys' showrunner teases multiple new spinoff ideas on the way: 'We want to build it slowly'

The Boys universe will keep expanding... eventually.

By Matthew Jackson
Karl Urban and Jack Quaid

The Boys already has one spinoff show, with another on the way. The animated anthology series Diabolical premiered earlier this year, and the creators of the original superhero satire series have just entered production on a new live-action show set at a college for supes. It seems there's endless potential for growth within this wild universe, but for showrunner Eric Kripke, it's all about knowing when to play the next card in the deck. 

Kripke, who developed The Boys from the acclaimed comics series of the same name by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, has already shepherded three increasingly unhinged seasons of the Prime Video original series, and has overseen the development of both spinoff shows. He knows better than almost anyone where the potential lies for more stories within this constantly expanding universe, and in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, he confirmed that The Boys' writers have already broken ground on some of those ideas.

"We have a couple more scripts [for shows] that we're in various stages of talking about," Kripke said, adding, "I don't think we're going to rush it. I think we want to build it slowly."

The first Boys spinoff, Diabolical, took a very different approach from the original series, telling several stories as animated shorts, each with their own style, including several standalone tales that don't seem to be connected to the overall narrative much, if at all. The upcoming live-action spinoff series, still untitled, will focus on a college run by the evil corporation known as Vought, but beyond that, we don't know all that much about where its focus lies. What we do know, though, is that Kripke and company are waiting to see how it's received before they move forward with even more ideas for spinoffs. 

"If the college show works, then maybe there's appetite for more [spin-offs]," Kripke said. "But I think we're in no rush because this only works if each show is totally different than the other, and we maintain the same level of quality as The Boys. Otherwise, it's sort of like, what's the point of doing it? We're trying really hard to not be scum f--- sellouts. We're trying really hard to make sure that each show or each idea would be something we just want to do on our own anyway, whether The Boys was connected to it or not."

At this point, The Boys world is so rich and strange that it feels like just about any major character could be granted their own show, provided they survive what's to come. Season 3 of the series arrives June 3 on Amazon Prime Video.

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