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Thank Vought! Amazon developing The Boys spinoff set at superhero college

By Nivea Serrao
The Boys Season 2

Season 2 of The Boys kicked off with a bang earlier this month, and Amazon already wants more of the comic-book-adaptation-turned-hit-TV-show.

The streaming platform announced today it's developing a spinoff of its popular superhero series, only unlike the current show, the new one will be set at America's sole college for young adult superheroes. Of course, it's run by none other than Vought International, the company behind the superhero group The Seven.

Like its predecessor, the spinoff series will be R-rated as it explores the lives of these competitive and hormonal young heroes, who are each competing for the best contracts in the best cities, thus increasing their likelihood of one day making it into The Seven. And they'll be testing their physical, moral, and sexual boundaries in an effort to get there. It's described as "part college show, part Hunger Games," with all the "heart, satire, and raunch" of its parent series.

Craig Rosenberg (Preacher) will write the pilot and serve as showrunner and executive producer for the new show, as part of his overall deal with Sony Pictures Television. The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke will also executive-produce, along with fellow The Boys EPs Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and James Weaver. Neal H. Moritz and Pavun Shetty, from Original Film, will also be executive-producing the spinoff.

The Boys is based on Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's New York Times best-selling comic series of the same name, which explores the darker side of superhero-dom, painting the super-powered caped figures as corrupted by their fame and power, and prone to reckless, sometimes criminal behavior. Both Ennis and Robertson will also be executive-producing.

While there's no mention of this within the spinoff's announcement, it does sound like this show could be the perfect introduction to the Teenage Kix, a group of younger heroes within The Boys comics, who serve as the Young Justice to The Seven's Justice League. Not only are they involved in Hughie's (Jack Quaid) first real assignment after joining the Boys, but they quickly prove that they're no better than most of the older heroes within the comic's universe — and in some cases, way worse. It could also provide a glimpse into the group of younger heroes Starlight (Erin Moriarty) belonged to before she herself was promoted into The Seven.

Season 2 of the hit series sees Hughie, Mother's Milk (Laz Alonso), Frenchie (Tomer Kapon), and the Female (Karen Fukuhara) once again reuniting with their informal leader Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) following the events of the Season 1 finale, as they work to come up with another plan to take down the heroes who make up The Seven — this time with a little assistance from Starlight herself. However, things are a bit more complicated now thanks to Stormfront (Aya Cash), the latest hero to join the group, one who seems to have a not-so-secret vendetta of her own. Joining her this week will be another figure from the comics, former Seven member Lamplighter (Shawn Ashmore), whose departure from the group created the opening that Starlight filled at the start of Season 1.

The Boys is already renewed for a third season, one that will see Supernatural star Jensen Ackles join the cast as Soldier Boy, a Captain America-like hero who fought for America in World War II.

The show is one of Amazon's biggest hits in the streaming game, with the first three episodes of Season 2 becoming the most-watched global launch of an Amazon Original series ever. The series has nearly doubled the worldwide viewership of Season 1 in its first two weeks, increasing by 89%.

New episodes of The Boys land on Amazon every Friday, with the Season 2 finale dropping Oct. 9. 

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