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The cast and crew of Runaways talk Season 3 and the Cloak & Dagger crossover

By Jenna Busch

Marvel's Runaways is going to hit the ground, well, running, when it returns to Hulu on December 13, as the action is going to seriously ramp up (and there's even going to be a crossover episode with Cloak & Dagger. SYFY WIRE got a chance to chat with some of the cast and crew at the show's Los Angeles press day, so we asked all about the new season and got them to drop some hints about Tyron and Tandy's visit to the City of Angels.

"This season is the biggest season we've done with the show. I think we've really embraced the fact that our kids are superheroes," producer Josh Schwartz says. "You know, the first couple seasons, we started out [with] kids in a Brentwood private school system dealing with something going on with their parents they weren't so sure about. Now we have like body-snatching aliens and a coven of witches and dark dimensions. And we're going for it."

Even though the stakes are getting bigger and crazier, Virginia Gardner, who plays the alien-human hybrid Karolina Dean, says the new season will have a heavy focus on relationships, and Karolina has some complicated ones going into Season 3. Towards the end of the last season she found out that there is a woman named Xavin (Clarissa Thibeaux) who was supposed to be her intended, and she's dealing with the fact that her mother Leslie (Annie Wersching) is now pregnant with another hybrid baby. And, don't forget Karolina's relationship with Nico Minoru (Lyrica Okano).

"You know, last season she really dove into her superpowers, and everything that she's capable of and her relationship with Nico," Gardner says. "I think this season, it's even more just that relationship with Nico that's being explored.

"Can I still love her even though she has this darkness?" Gardner adds.

Runaways Nico Karolina

As for Xavin, Gardner says it's "almost an unrequited love triangle, but Xavin ends up finding her true love. I can't say who that is, but Xavin… her prophecy is fulfilled."

Karolina's mom, meanwhile, is pregnant and recently found out that her husband Jonah is still alive... in a way.

"The baby is potentially going to be another little Karolina," Wersching says. "What's that mean for her relationship with Karolina, what's that mean for her beliefs? Because, she went from believing in the church and all that stuff in Season 1, to not really believing in Season 2. Then, just the fact that [Jonah] still out there lurking? Is he going to come for this baby?"

Having possessed Victor Stein, Jonah is now played by James Marsters, rather than Julian McMahon.

"Julian McMahon was so good. And I am not. I'm not like a mimic," Marsters says with a laugh when talking about how he had to take over acting duties for the character.

"I went to Julian and just said, 'I'm terrified, and you have very large feet to fill.' And he was just absolutely gracious. And we sat down and talked about the internals of the character. And also I filmed him walking," he continues. "And for the first few episodes, I had him record my lines."

victor stein

Alex Wilder (Rhenzy Feliz) finished Season 2 by setting up his parents and getting them arrested, and the actor says Alex is going into the new season guilt-free.

"He worked really, really hard to get that done. He thought of a good plan and executed it the right way. And he did it by any means necessary," Feliz says. "I don't think there is much regret going into this season. I think he's happy that he did. He did what he had to do. And he's looking to move forward now."

Ryan Sands and Angel Parker, who play Alex's parents Geoffrey and Catherine, say their on-screen son's actions have put their characters in a bad place.

"The person who's responsible for us being led away in handcuffs is our son, and the son who we've tried to protect and try to shield from our craziness," Sands says. "He's become our own worst enemy in this instance. And it's just very, very complicated to kind of reconcile all of that."

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None of the Runaways would divulge too much about the highly anticipated Cloak & Dagger crossover, though Gardner says the crossover allowed the cast to become real friends with Cloak & Dagger Aubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt.

"We met them briefly at some different press events, but we haven't really been able to hang out with them like this before," she says. "We've all become really good friends now and it's been so much fun. It's great."

Joseph, who plays Tyrone, says it's exciting for the characters too, as Tyrone and Tandy are getting a chance to meet other superpowers teens.

"It's crazy," he says. "They are you guys [referring to the Runaways gang] in this world, there has to be a whole lot of other kids like us who have superpowers. So I think that just opens the spectrum for them. It's also a confirmation for them, like we were meant to be heroes. So it feels good to like team up and do good with someone else other than just ourselves."

In addition to everything else, the Runaways will also have to deal with a new villain — Morgan le Fay, as played by Elizabeth Hurley.

"Morgan very early on is going to be introduced into the show as somebody who has a particular affinity for Nico," Schwartz teases. "But we're going to find out in time that she also has ties to [Nico's mother] Tina (Brittany Ishibashi) as well. So mother and daughter who often at each other's throats, may find themselves aligned against a new enemy."

Producer Stephanie Savage says that Hurley went all-in with the costume — something we haven't really seen on the show yet. "She's got the crow necklace and the waist chain and the cape and she just went for it. Elizabeth embraced it. There was no part of her that was like, 'really, we're doing this?' [Instead, she was] like, 'give me the thigh-high boots.'"