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SYFY WIRE Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

The 4 best 'Deep Space Nine' episodes that showcase Kira and Dax's friendship

It's one of Star Trek's best friendships, and it's at its best in these four episodes. 

By Lauren Coates
Jadzia Dax in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Though Star Trek: Deep Space Nine certainly has no shortage of high-stakes drama, intergalactic fight scenes, and tough moral quandaries, one of the most unique and compelling aspects to DS9 is the familial bond that develops between the station’s crew. With warm father figure Captain Benjamin Sisko at the helm, the crew of Deep Space Nine goes from coworkers to an inseparable pseudo-family: and one of the most unlikely friendships to develop out of this dynamic is the bond between first officer Kira Nerys and science officer Jadzia Dax. Though Kira may be a battle-hardened freedom fighter, and Dax a freewheeling centuries-old slug inside a Trill body, the two women’s close friendship is one of the most down-to-earth and relatable relationships in all of Trek. Here are four of the best episodes that feature Jadzia and Kira’s friendship.

1. “Dramatis Personae” (Season 1, Episode 17)

One of the first episodes to explicitly mention the growing bond between Kira and Dax, “Dramatis Personae” centers around a power struggle between Sisko and Kira, who are still working out the kinks in how to negotiate between Starfleet and Bajor. However, a sizable chunk of the episode’s runtime is also devoted to KiraDax scenes as well — not only does O’Brien flat-out say that he’s noticed how close they’re getting, but the two also share quite a few scenes. From Kira fending off Quark’s leering on Jadzia’s behalf, to a heart-to-heart about mutiny over drinks, “Dramatis Personae” is chock full of Kira/Dax conversations both casual and plot-relevant.

2. “The Seige” (Season 2, Episode 3)

The last part of a three-episode arc about a Bajoran military group attempting to occupy DS9, “The Seige” devotes an entire plotline to a solo mission for Kira and Dax. As such, there’s plenty of time for the episode to dive into not just how they function on the job, but how the two interact on their own as well. While later seasons tend to center their friendship and conversations around their respective romantic relationships (Kira’s will-they-won’t they with Odo, and Dax’s epic romance with Worf), “The Seige” is a refreshing change of pace for fans looking to see Kira and Dax spend time together when they aren’t talking about boys. 

3. “Blood Oath” (Season 2, Episode 19)

One of a few Jadzia-centric episodes, “Blood Oath” follows Dax as she struggles with fulfilling a blood oath made by Curzon, one of her former hosts — an oath that would not only put her career with Starfleet on the line, but would also force her to kill someone. Over the course of the episode, Kira works to prevent Jadzia from having to endure the trauma of taking a life, and the two engage in multiple heart-to-hearts where Kira shares her experiences with death during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor. Though the episode certainly isn’t one of Deep Space Nine’s feel-good entries, it’s endearing to watch Kira care so deeply about Jadzia and go to such great lengths to make sure Dax doesn’t have to go through the same trauma she did.

4. “The Circle” (Season 2, Episode 2)

Yet another Season 2 entry, “The Circle” is the middle section of that aforementioned three-episode arc, which sees Kira replaced as liaison officer and subsequently kidnapped by a shadowy organization. As dark as it sounds, though, the episode also features a number of sweet, lighthearted Kira and Dax moments, including Dax coming to visit Kira to wish her well as she prepares to leave the station once and for all — and defending her when an argument ensues that involves practically the entire bridge crew of DS9. 

Their lighthearted conversations here are reminiscent of how their relationship is handled in later seasons — once their bond is established, a majority of their interactions in Seasons 4-6 fall under what can only be described as “girl talk.” It’s gossiping, chit-chat, and the kind of refreshingly relatable dialogue that you might not expect to hear on a Star Trek show, but that makes Kira and Dax’ friendship all the more endearing.

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