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SYFY WIRE The End Is Nye

New 'The End is Nye' trailer promises that together, we can save the Earth... with science!

Bill Nye the Science Guy stars in The End is Nye, an all-new apocalyptic docu-series premiering on Peacock Aug. 25.

Bill Nye

“Together we can save the Earth. With science.”

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Not only is this a personal mantra of Bill Nye – it also doubles as the overarching theme of one of the most riveting and educational docu-series in recent memory.

Attendees at San Diego Comic-Con were treated to the world-premiere trailer of Peacock’s The End is Nye on Saturday afternoon. "The Science Guy," Bill Nye was joined on the panel with executive producer Erica Huggins and executive producer/director Brannon Braga, all giving extensive insight on the hopeful apocalyptic series throughout the session.

For many Comic-Con attendees, the unveiling of The End is Nye trailer has been at the top of their must-see lists over the weekend. After all, the official description of the show reads like a mouth-watering union of science, skepticism, big-budget disaster films, and the human condition:

THE END IS NYE sends Bill Nye into the most epic global disasters imaginable – both natural and unnatural – and then demystifies them using science to show how we can survive, mitigate, and even prevent them. Each stand-alone episode takes a hell-bent dive into the mystery and terror of one specific threat. Every catastrophe is abundant with thrills, but also offers hope and a way forward —a scientific blueprint for surviving anything that comes our way.

Check out the new trailer now:

The trailer shows that Nye’s latest venture will be exciting, educational, and at times absolutely terrifying. It appears no expense was spared in the production of the series, as tight cinematography combines with jaw-dropping special effects to truly envelope you.

“We made six mini-disaster movies,” Nye told the Comic-Con crowd. “But unlike many disaster movies, these end well.”

The premise for each episode of the series is simple, following a dual structure, according to Branna Braga. The first half consists of the world ending (and Nye dying in the process), while the second half focuses on the host explaining – through science and logic – what our society has to do to avoid what we just witnessed.

“Right now our world is a very scary place, and yet full of opportunities to make life better for all of us – for everyone on Earth,” Nye said. “Speaking of Earth, the big idea behind The End is Nye is that for the first time in the history of our planet, we humans can control our fate. We can see the potential for these overwhelming disasters, and we have the means to avoid them. With science, we can change the world.”

Seth McFarlane, credited with co-creating the series, makes a cameo in each episode, as “somebody who makes matters worse” said Braga. McFarlane’s signature humor is also sprinkled throughout each episode – in addition to the effortless wit that Nye has perfected over the course of his career – so that it’s not all just doom and gloom.

Near the end of the panel, Nye expressed hope that The End is Nye will have just as much of a lasting impact as his classic Bill Nye the Science Guy series, which ran for six seasons between 1993 and 1999.

Judging by the reactions of the Comic-Con crowd, it sure seems that Nye has another hit series on his hands – a series that could truly help save the world.

“(This show) is a scientific blueprint for a better tomorrow,” Braga told the jam-packed room at San Diego Convention Center.

And if you’re wondering how exactly you should watch it, you may want to take Nye’s suggestion that he gave to everybody in attendance: “Turn it up. Turn it up loud.”

The End is Nye premieres Aug. 25 on Peacock, with all six 45-minute episodes available immediately.

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