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Drink up! Behind-the-scenes ‘Expanse’ clip offers a tour of Ceres Station, including the bar

Nadine Nicole, who plays Clarissa Mao on the show, takes us up close and personal with the Ceres set. 

By Vanessa Armstrong
The Expanse 602 PRESS

The Expanse’s final season is currently airing on Prime Video, and without getting into spoilers, one place where a lot of the action happens is on Ceres Station, the largest hub for the Belters.

In a recent video posted by the show's official Twitter, Nadine Nicole — who plays Clarissa Mao — gave us a behind-the-scenes tour of the Ceres set, including a closer look at both the regular bar many characters spend time at as well as a look at a noodle bar where residents get their grub. Nicole also gave us glimpses at other things on Ceres besides bars, all of which were equally cool. 

Check out the clip below:

Nicole starts our tour at the Dock 12 Bar, a place that’s 10 years old in the lore of the show. Next to the Dock 12 bar is, unsurprisingly, a docking station with two large metal doors that sadly (or maybe not so sadly) do not open at all, much less into the void of space. 

Nicole then takes us to the Green Zone, the social hub of Ceres that includes things like a barbershop and, of course, a noodle bar. Perhaps one of the coolest tidbits from the video is that the noodle bar, in typical Belter fashion, is actually a revamped cargo trolley. The clip has Nadine walking through a large container area as well, and includes images from different scenes in the season that were shot in various locations she walks us through.

The clip is a fun one for any Expanse fans, as it gives us just even more details about the show and highlights the impressive set work that went into creating Ceres. It also includes at least one teaser for something we haven’t seen yet this season, for those who are looking for hints of what the last two episodes and one X-Ray short might have in store

The sixth and final season of The Expanse has new episodes dropping on Prime Video on Fridays.