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SYFY WIRE The Expanse

The Expanse: Amos finds a new mission on Earth in exclusive clip from penultimate season

By Trent Moore
The Expanse Season 5 exclusive clip

Even when Amos is on-mission, he can still find a bit of time for a drink. The fifth and penultimate season of The Expanse is still rolling out on Prime Video, and we have an exclusive clip from the next new episode “Hard Vacuum.”

SYFY WIRE’s exclusive clip from the eighth episode focuses in on Amos (Wes Chatham), Erich (Jacob Mundell) and Clarissa “Peaches” Mao (Nadine Nicole) as they get ready to set off on a new task as they talk about starting over, and teaming up — while Amos seems a bit too focused on a case of tequila he also saw laying around.

With the series set to wrap up its Amazon run next season, this year has been spent moving a whole lot of major political pieces within the Solar System. We have the crew of the Rocinante splintered across different planets and ships, dealing with their own personal demons, while Marco is leading an ambitious attack that could reshape literally everything in the Solar System. Oh yeah, and there are still all those mysterious worlds through the Ring Gate waiting to be explored.

Check out the clip below:

When Season 5 began, we caught up with creators Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, along with showrunner Naren Shankar, to talk about all the work that goes into setting up for the show’s final season (while also telling one heck of a compelling story in the process). We also chatted with star Steven Strait (aka Holden) about his character’s journey through the show’s run.

New episodes of The Expanse drop Wednesdays on Prime Video.