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'The First Order Occupation' is as ominous as it sounds on Star Wars Resistance

By Swapna Krishna & Preeti Chhibber

The First Order has officially become part of the family in this week’s Star Wars Resistance. As the title of the episode suggests, the occupation of Doza’s platform is here. But “The First Order Occupation” is about more than just the troops themselves; they’re looking for a spy among the populace. Kaz has become a person of interest, and by extension, Synara. The episode follows Kaz coming to terms with who Synara is and figuring out a way to help her off the platform.

Swapna: This episode was a reckoning of sorts, the first time that Kaz has to really come to terms with what it means to be a spy and what it means to choose a side.

Preeti: Yeah, it was nice to see him hold on to his optimism while still recognizing the reality of who Synara is. He didn’t make excuses for her actions but chose to see the good in her and use that as a reason to help him. Though, I would have liked to see him push her for information at the same time considering he is still, you know, a spy.

Swapna: Agreed! But in a franchise where so much of the premise operates in black and white (“Only a Sith deals in absolutes,” says the Jedi, MAKING AN ABSOLUTIST STATEMENT), it’s so nice to see Resistance acknowledging that the world is complex. Synara has her reasons for being a pirate, and while Kaz doesn’t love it, he recognizes she has a good heart. And her experiences with him have clearly changed her. I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of the character.

Preeti: I think we’ll see her pop up as a pirate-spy! At least, I hope we will. I kept waiting for her to take the initiative and say something about the pirates and the First Order working together, but then I couldn’t remember if she knew or not.

Swapna: She did! Remember, the pirate lord told her “Now that the First Order has betrayed us, we can’t get near the Platform.” So she clearly knew, and I would have liked her to trust Kaz with that information.

Preeti: It was a little frustrating because it would have been a moment of true action on her part, we’ve been inching towards her role changing since she showed up in the first part of the season. I’m not sure I understand what the writers are waiting for unless they’re lulling us into thinking we know what’s going to happen when we really don’t.

Let’s talk about how the platform is responding to the First Order being there. Tam literally said the words, “They’re just doing their jobs.” And I liked that there was a recognition of the fact that there would be people who respond to an occupation like that. I don’t know how much I love the line coming from the dark-skinned character.

Swapna: Ooh, yeah. That line was hard, and it’s pretty clear the writers were trying to make a point with it. But I agree, I wish it hadn’t been in Tam’s mouth. It would make more sense coming from Neeku.

Preeti: Exactly! But there wasn’t enough for Tam to do … as usual. Especially considering her relationship with Synara, I would have liked to have seen her involved more with Synara’s escape.

Swapna: It’s a thing we’ve been struggling with all season. Star Wars is about found family, but as long as the rest of Yeager’s crew isn’t in on Kaz’s mission, he can’t find his family. So there’s this divide that makes it really hard and awkward to develop characters, and Tam has borne the brunt of that.

Preeti: Neeku has benefited the most because I think his is the easiest character to remain ignorant of Kaz’s role while still being able to be a part of all his plots. But that’s becoming less and less of an acceptable excuse as to why no other characters are being pulled into storylines.

Swapna: Yep. This conceit was a great way to start the season, but it should have been resolved in the midseason cliffhanger. Either that or they need to give Tam something else to do because her lack of character development is becoming glaring.

Preeti: It’s only because I want more from the characters they’ve given us! The potential is there, but glacier pace is killing me. (I am being dramatic.) I did really enjoy the actual plot this week and getting to see Kaz play hero without becoming too heroic if that makes sense.

Swapna: Yeah, there was no self-congratulation. It was very quiet, and I liked that. He made a decision to help a friend, and he did it. We’re almost to the end of the season, and the tension is ramping up. I’m looking forward to seeing how the season concludes, and where the writers will leave Kaz and his friends for the long wait until season 2.