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The First Order stops pulling punches in this week's Star Wars Resistance

By Preeti Chhibber & Swapna Krishna
Aunt Z standing behind her bar on the Colossus is confronted by two troopers, holding a recruitment hologram.

Things are amping up in this week’s episode of Star Wars Resistance. Aptly named “The Disappeared,” we’re starting to see the very tangible, terrifying effect the First Order is having on the Colossus platform. First the troopers come to Doza and recommend ending the Ace flyer program and races. Then people who speak out against the Order’s tactics start to disappear. When this happens to Aunt Z and Hype, Kaz and Torra have to do what they can to save them.

Swapna: “The Disappeared” was important for a number of reasons, but I especially liked that we finally got to see Captain Doza choose a side.

Preeti: FINALLY! It was a nice moment of surprise because I honestly didn’t see him standing in Yeager’s office coming.

Swapna: I didn’t either! It makes clear that Doza has been holding the First Order at bay while trying to figure out another solution for the Colossus. But they don’t take “no” for an answer, so he’s had to acquiesce to their control of the base publicly. However, that doesn’t mean he’s finished fighting privately.

Doza stands before the Ace Pilots in Star Wars resistance
Preeti: I wish they had pushed the point a little more aggressively when Doza mentioned his preference for keeping Torra safe, meaning, Torra specifically. Of course, as a father, that’s his reasoning … but he’s also a leader, with a lot of people under his watch and care. Not just his daughter. That said … it is a children’s show, and maybe that’s not the point they want to push. I did love that Kaz and Torra standing up for their right to help their friends was met with little such resistance (heh) from Yeager and Doza.

Swapna: Yep, I agree. His primary concern seems to be keeping his daughter safe, which is understandable as a parent, and yet, he’s responsible for a lot more than just a single person. I was a little surprised he and Yeager weren’t at least a little involved in the rescue, though.

Preeti: That felt very CW to me, ha. The parents and authority figures can exist, but they cannot be a part of the hijinks.

Swapna: Very true! It’s a thing that Rebels balanced well, though.

Preeti: I know it might seem unfair to keep comparing this show to Rebels, but … alas. It has to happen. I really want to talk about the two points of view presented in this episode. We get another conversation between Tam and Kaz about the merits of The First Order and how their actions can be interpreted, but you see that personified in (again) Tam and Aunt Z. Both characters strike me as strong, but where I was first impressed by Tam presenting a pov that shows how the Empire could have been seen … I’m starting to get frustrated. She’s the character with the least amount of privilege (both in terms of power and wealth) and I’d like to see them let her in on the secret sooner rather than later.

Swapna: I agree. It’s about time to bring the rest of the team in on Kaz’s mission.

I did appreciate seeing Torra working against the First Order. Tam’s statements are hard to take from a woman of color, so it’s nice to see a different WoC working against the organization. That’s the nice thing when you have multiple characters — and specifically women — of color in one show!

Preeti: Definitely. I couldn’t help but think, though, that Torra (being the daughter of the leader of the Colossus) had far less to lose than Tam, who has no safety net that we can see. There’s a conversation here about who has the privilege to be a part of the Resistance and who doesn’t. The fact that after hearing about a society being decimated by the Order, Tam still wants to see a pragmatic reasoning behind their actions … that’s something to be examined. I hope the show does that work.

Tam, Neeku, and Torra Doza from Star Wars Resistance
Swapna: I do, too. It could make for great character growth on Tam’s part, plus a conversation about privilege is really important in a society such as the Colossus where the difference between the haves and have-nots is stark. I mean, there’s a literal tower that the rich people live in.

Preeti: There’s so much to be mined there (I’m also thinking of Canto Bight and how that set up this idea, in The Last Jedi).

Swapna: Right, mined. Like the … spice mines of Kessel.


Swapna: I’m sorry. But I’m really not.

Preeti: I know. I do want to shout out Donald Faison for his exceptional work as Hype on this episode. His histrionics in the storage bin were some of the funniest parts in the show.

Hype Faizon speaking to a storm trooper on Star Wars Resistance
Swapna: I love both him and Aunt Z, and I hope this isn’t the last we hear of them. (Also, is it too much to hope for a Maz Kanata cameo, since Resistance keeps mentioning Takodana?)



Preeti: Okay, before we end this recap … that cliffhanger though!!!

Swapna: Oh my god, I almost forgot about it because there was so much good stuff in this episode. But I can’t believe that they’ve been arrested! Has the First Order figured out Kaz is a spy? Was it because he helped Hype and Aunt Z escape? Or is it for something else entirely, maybe it has nothing to do with Kaz?

Preeti: I honestly don’t know, I think the show will surprise us, whatever the reason. Can’t wait to find out next week!