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Electric! The Flash reveals Jordan Fisher as Impulse in comics-inspired first look

By Benjamin Bullard
Jordan Fisher as Impulse The Flash

Barry and Iris have a son! Or, at least, they’re gonna. With The CW’s current storyline for The Flash shaking out the cosmic ripples spawned from the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths,  the network is teasing the arrival of “the fastest teenager on the planet” for the series’ 150th episode — and even in the not-to-distant future, he's already the (almost) fully-grown spawn of heroes.

In a cool homage to the comics, The CW has shared a new first look at Bart Allen (aka Impulse) that pays tribute to a comic book moment from Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter's The Flash #50. Springing into action for the role, in costume, is new Arrowverse arrival Jordan Fisher (To All the Boys 2, P.S. I Still Love You), whom the network revealed as a new cast addition earlier this year.

Get your first look at Impulse charging up for his Arrowverse debut below:

Jordan Fisher as Impulse in The Flash

Via Entertainment Weekly, costume designer Kate Main came up with Impulse’s new look and teamed with frequent Arrowverse collaborator Ocean Drive to bring it to life for the shot. It’s probably worth pointing out, though, that Fisher’s appearance here isn’t necessarily a direct cue as to what he’ll look like in the show: the one-off is a promotional shot and not an actual production still from The Flash.

Either way, at least we know Impulse is on the way as the picture for Season 7 comes into view. The CW already has revealed that Nora West-Allen (aka XS), Bart’s superpowered sister played by Jessica Parker Kennedy, will be back this season, and that she’ll be uniting with her speedy brother for the 150th episode, titled “Heart of the Matter, Part 1.”

With Season 7 of The Flash following showrunner Eric Wallace’s ongoing sequence of “Graphic Novel” story arcs, new episodes will transition from Graphic Novel #3 to Graphic Novel #4 from now through episode 145, which is set to premiere on June 1. There’s no debut date set for episode 150 after the break…though we’ve got a hunch that things will move fast as we get closer to Bart and Nora’s family reunion.

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